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Colorado Raised Roughly $2 Million in Pot Taxes in January – Marijuana News Roundup

According to officials


Latest news (5:37 p.m. ET 3/10/14): Officials say that Colorado raised roughly $2 million in marijuana taxes in January.

Previous News on Marijuana Legalization:

(3:56 p.m. ET 3/5/14):Congress could reverse Washington D.C.'s new marijuana decriminalization law. The new law has to be approved by the House and the Senate within 60 days. 

It's not legalization, but Washington, D.C.'s City Council voted to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana possession. Possession will result in fines, not arrest, assuming Congress doesn't veto the change.

Previous News on Marijuana: Alaska may become the third state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. A ballot iniative has qualified for a public vote this summer.

Now that marijuana can legally be purchased in Colorado, observers across the country are watching to see how sales turn out.

For the month of January, NBC News reports, Pueblo County's two legal pot shops brought in $1 million in revenue and $56,000 in sales taxes. The whole state is predicting more than $600 million in marijuana sales for the next fiscal year.

Coverage about marijuana legalization from Reason and others:

Families of small children with rare epileptic disorders are coming to Colorado for a special strain of marijuana that seems to help stop seizures.

Jacob Sullum reports on a federal lawsuit on First Amendment grounds against rules that restrict the right of marijuana vendors to advertise their wares.

A roundup within your roundup: John K. Ross looks at the state of marijuana legalization across the country.