Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll – CPAC Roundup



The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) opened on Thursday.

Some highlights from the third day of speeches:

Rand Paul won the CPAC straw poll, taking 31 percent of the vote. Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker Saturday night. She criticized Obama and Democrats, but saved her sharpest criticisms for the "GOP beltway boys." Some highlights from the second day of speeches:

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul got some of the loudest applause at CPAC after telling the NSA Americans' cellphones were none of the agency's business. Watch his entire speech here. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum slammed Mitt Romney and John McCain for "apologizing" for conservatives, saying there were more important things for conservativism than victory. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said in his speech that Americans shouldn't forget that the U.S. was founded by god and that "Religious liberty should be unimpeded in this nation." He also went on to criticize the Obama administration's foreign policy and surveillance activities.  Texas Governor Rick Perry's speech, which included attack on the Obama administration's policies and an outline of his vision of limited government, reportedly promoted a standing ovation  Some highlights from the first day of speeches:

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre railed against the way the media covered gun issues and promised his group is not going anywhere. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell brought a gun on stage and complained about President Barack Obama's poor treatment of the Constitution. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Obama was worse than President Jimmy Carter and suggested conservatives needed to challenge the conventional wisdom that Obama was a "smart man." Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told those in attendance to "stand on principle" to differentiate the Republican candidates from the Democrats. Gov. Chris Christie said Republicans need to start talking about what they stand for, not what they're against. Rep. Paul Ryan dismissed the idea that there's a "civil war" between establishment Republicans and Tea Party Republicans. Donald Trump said he thinks Republicans will take control of the Senate in 2014 and also doesn't realize that Carter is still alive. Over at the Brookings Institution, John Hudak attended a panel on minority voter outreach for the Republican party and discovered it to be very poorly attended. Politico is hosting videos from CPAC here.

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  1. Those silly conservatives. Don’t they know that to get the votes of minorities all you need to do is allow unlimited numbers of them immigrate, put them on welfare for life, and force the citizens in the upper 1/3 of the income ladder to pay for it by increasing their taxes and confiscating their property.

    Oh wait, that is already the Democrats plan.

  2. How about amending that statement to “Liberty should be unimpeded in this nation.” Think Huckabee would be down with that?

    Me neither.

  3. God, why would anyone invite Trump to anything? He’s a celebrity “rich” person out to make a quick buck by being an asshole and/or scamming someone; he doesn’t have any actual political beliefs.

  4. U.S. was founded by god

    gonna need a citation on that Huck. Never saw his signature on any of the docs at the Archives personally

    1. You didn’t let him finish. If you’d’ve let him finish, he wouldn’ve said that the USSR was created by God, as were slavery, cute puppies, rape, and orgasms.

  5. “Americans shouldn’t forget that the U.S. was founded by god”

    No, it wasn’t.

  6. Funny how people say “America was founded by God” when they really mean “America was founded by my interpretation of what the Christian God wants.”

    1. America was founded by Deists and agnostics who never mentioned much more than a generic “creator”.

      1. Agree. They also mention Providence, and they don’t mean Rode Island. They were particularly careful not to mention God or Jesus.

      2. Citation needed. When did Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Franklin, etc ever claim to be agnostic, deist, or anything other then Christian?

  7. Huckabee, Perry, Jindal, Christie, Ryan, McConnell and Trump. A full roster of useless or corrupt bastards.

    1. Don’t forget Santorum

  8. Come 2017, no matter who gets in the West Wing, it will still be the same old bullshit no matter what. You can COUNT on the bullshit part. It’s consistent and predictable.

    1. well, why do you keep voting for these Republican turds?

  9. “cell phones are none of your business”, but your fetus is personal property of the government who is acting on the behalf of Jeebus.

    1. No, the baby is its own property, and has rights like any other person.

      1. Spoken like a male statist who thinks he knows what’s good for pregnant women. I wonder why Republicans can’t get women voters. Have you heard of an ectopic pregnancy. One wouldn’t want you libertarians for imposing government sanction on the private behavior of women to actually sacrifice what little principle you have left to accommodate reality.

        1. I don’t see him saying anything about pregnant women.

          Are you stupid or illiterate?

  10. I am afraid Huckabee actually has a chance to win the primaries, people who watch him on fox like him. Which is funny considering he is not a “pro-free market”candidate which is why he has to rely on social issues so much.

  11. While lefties (and cosmotarians) like to smirk at that minority outreach audience being zero, at the same time, 2nd place in this poll is a hispanic, and in 3rd place is a black guy.

    And Condi Rice got 2%, despite not being there, beating Michelle Bachman, who was.

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