HHS Remains Vague About Obamacare Budget Details



Prior to the release of President Obama's budget this week, there was some speculation that it might shed light on the administration's opaque spending in support of Obamacare.

But the budget proposal for the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the law, still leaves a number of questions unanswered.

Via Politico:

Forced to reveal more details under a provision tucked in this year's bipartisan budget deal, HHS declared Friday how it used Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' authority to move about $1.6 billion in departmental funds around last year — the cabinet secretary's version of looking for change under the couch cushions and hitting the jackpot.

But HHS didn't say exactly how it spent the money, and it didn't lay out the kind of detail Republicans sought.

In particular, the budget documents omitted details about the specific contracts for work on the federal exchange that misfired on launch last October. How much was spent, who got the money, and how much work is left to be done remain among the Obamacare questions that the White House won't answer

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  1. HHS ain’t the only one ‘vague’ about O-care. Ask that hag Pelosi; she still doesn’t know what’s in it. Neither does the lying POS in the White House.

  2. Oh, I’ll bet they’re vague. Vagueness, misdirection, and total bullshit will only increase in this election year.

  3. Huh, another opportunity for posters to type “8%”.

    1. I won’t sugarcoat this, 8% of us will take advantage of that, unless, like the Cleveland Browns, PB lets us down by not trolling because he’s distracted by a Golden Girls marathon.

      1. Let YOU down, Longtorso?

        You can’t muster even the inept arguments that Red Tony does.

        John, why don’t you post at Bratbitch?

        1. PB, answer my question below, unless you’re scared.

        2. You are a retard shreek but you make up for it by being angry and incoherent.

          For the record, no way are you really Tulpa. You can’t fake the kind of lunacy you spew on here. No one can fake being as idiotic as you are.

  4. Hey Tony, PB, et al, given that the delays past election dates proves y’all know OCare is a cluster (if you thought it would help people, you’d want them helped BEFORE an election, not afterward), yet are not only too selfish to repeal it but are angling to have the pain you’re causing blamed on your opponents by delaying implementation until they’re in power, doesn’t this prove that progressives are both totally selfish and totally incompetent idiots?

    1. Hey PB, cluck, cluck, cluck.

    2. If anything, the delays are solid evidence that Obamacare will hurt enough people, and to a large enough degree, that it will affect elections.

      1. Better – they’re solid evidence that Progs know they’re hurting people and don’t care enough to repeal it. Their first thought is how to use the pain they cause to their own political benefit.

      2. Yeah. It is also proof that OCare doesn’t even help Dem supporters. If it helped Dem supporters, Obama wouldn’t be delaying it.

        That bill literally fucks everyone in America.

    3. I don’t defend progressives, you idiot. I am not one.

      1. Sure you are. Denying it is just a prog “noble lie” for the good of the cause, or a lie we ‘forced’ you to tell by being so stupid and evil that we wouldn’t give you your way if you told the truth.

        So Tony and PB, given the attitude above, explicitly written in NYTimes articles, why should anyone ever trust a word that comes out of a progressive mouth?

      2. Shreek,

        It is bad enough you are retarded and angry. Please don’t mix in multiple personality disorder with all of that.

        You are the biggest Obama cock sucking fascist prog on here. Now tell the voices in your head to shut the hell up and get back to fucking up the talking points you were given.

  5. What are you looking at?

    Strike a pose
    Strike a pose

    Vague, Vague, Vague
    Vague, Vague, Vague

  6. At least they’re not buying ammunition by the truckload.

  7. Is anyone that considers themselves libertarian, purchasing Obamacare? Either because that is the only option available to them for healthcare or because it is cheaper than other plans?

  8. This is the pig that must be well-hidden until after the Mid-Terms.
    Wake up before it’s too late people.

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