Daisy Bram a Witness in Federal Case Against Three San Francisco Cops


On March 1, Daisy Bram was released from a Butte County, Calif., jail after being convicted of cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to sell (Bram was sentenced to 120 days but released early due to crowding). Her three children were taken by Child Protective Services more than a year ago and remain in foster care. Reason TV told Bram's story last year in a program called "Parents, Pot, and Prohibition: Daisy Bram's Story."

It turns out there's a lot more to Bram's story. Earlier this week, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Bram is a key witness in a federal case against three San Francisco police officers. In 2010, Bram and her partner, Jayme Walsh, were acting as informants for San Francisco police. Bram says that officers asked Bram and Walsh to sell several pounds of seized marijuana for a 25 percent cut of the profits. Bram reported the incident, but the officers were cleared of any wrongdoing at the time.

Is Bram's role in the federal probe of San Francisco police officers connected in any way to her legal troubles in Butte County? "I just think it's really suspect that all this is going down the way it has," Bram told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Butte County Deputy District Attorney Jeff Greeson denies any connection. "That stuff in San Francisco has absolutely no bearing on the charges in Butte County," he said.

The full San Francisco Chronicle article is here.

Here's Reason TV's program on Bram.