More Americans Say Obamacare Has Hurt Them and Their Family


Since Obamacare's health insurance exchanges launched in October, an increasing number of the uninsured have said they hold an unfavorable view of the law. They're not the only ones whose negative feelings have increased. A Gallup poll released today reports that an increasing number of people say Obamacare has already hurt their families—23 percent, up from 19 percent over the last few months and 16 percent in 2012. Just 10 percent say Obamacare has helped their family. 

Gallup Polls

As Gallup's write-up notes, responses are fairly strongly correlated with party affiliation: Republicans view the law negatively, while Democrats tend to be more positive. Even still, the poll makes two things clear: that the energy and momentum is on the side of the opposition, and that, overall, opinions about the law are getting worse, not better.