Administration Announces Another Obamacare Delay



As expected, the Obama administration announced yet another delay to Obamacare this afternoon. Via Politico:

The Obama administration will allow some health plans that fall short of Obamacare coverage requirements to continue past the November elections and through most of President Barack Obama's second term.

The decision, announced Wednesday by federal health officials, extends for two years an earlier decision by the White House to let people keep their existing health plans through 2014, even if those plans fell short of the Affordable Care Act requirements.

Without the change, Democrats worried that another wave of canceled health policies would hit in October, stirring up another round of controversy as the midterm elections approached.

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan…until 2016. If your state insurance commissioner agrees. 

So, the timeline thus far goes something like this: President Obama signs a law into effect, promises that it won't do something he knows full well it will do, and insists to opponents that it can't be undone because it's the law of the land; then when it eventually does that thing that he promised it wouldn't do, and Democrats start to panic about the unpleasant political consequences, he responds by altering its implementation using dicey legal authority.