Supreme Court Rejects Asylum Bid for German Home-Schoolers

Wanted to come to America because Germany doesn't allow it


The Supreme Court on Monday (March 3) declined to hear an appeal from a family seeking asylum in the United States because home schooling is not allowed in their native Germany.

The case involves Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, Christians who believe German schools would have a bad influence on their six children. The family's case became a rallying point for many American Christians.

As is their custom, the justices on the high court declined to give a reason for not hearing the case.

Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association that represents the family, said the group would pursue legislation in Congress to allow the family to stay. But the Romeikes will likely face deportation.

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  1. As is their custom, the justices on the high court declined to give a reason for not hearing the case.

    Because FUCK YOU, that’s why! The Emperor does NOT excuse His or Her turds or farts to the peons or the pooped-ons!!!!

  2. I don’t understand why they don’t simply go to the neighbor country Austria. Homeschooling is legal there, they speak the same language, and immigration is easy between EU countries.

    1. Exactly. This family can hardly ask for “asylum” when they could simply do the European equivalent of moving from New York state to Massachusetts and home school all they want. What exactly is the issue?

  3. The Supreme Court under Roberts is a disgrace

  4. SO… we don’t enforce other immigration laws, we don’t fight for DOM act in states because we don’t like it, we don’t enforce pot laws at a federal level because of conflicts, we reset dates willy nilly for Obamacare law, but in this case we have the full weight of the DOJ coming down on one family (overturning the immigration Dept’s ruling). Why? I can only suppose.

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