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Kerry Kennedy Found Not Guilty in Drugged Driving Case

Daughter of Robert Kennedy accused of getting behind the wheel after taking Ambien


Kerry Kennedy was acquitted today of driving under the influence of Ambien and promptly said she was "incredibly grateful" for the verdict.

After four days of testimony at a trial in White Plains, N.Y., including Kennedy's own testimony on the stand, the jury returned a verdict on its second full day of deliberations. People in the courtroom clapped when the verdict was announced.

"I'm incredibly grateful to the jury for working so hard on this case, and to my lawyers and to my family and friends and so many other people who supported me. I'm happy justice was done," she said.

The daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy and niece of President John F. Kennedy was accused of knowingly taking the sleep medication and then driving while coming under its effects.