A.M. Links: Obama to Push $302 Billion in Transportation Spending, Temperatures Could Drop to 50 Degrees Below Average, Author Wants Drones to Participate in UFO Hoax


  • fake!
    "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"/Columbia Pictures

    President Obama will announce either a new $302 billion transportation bill this year, or the "vision" for one.

  • Pakistan warns American plans to withdraw from Afghanistan completely this year could push Afghanistan into a civil war.
  • Russia has put its troops near the Ukrainian border on alert as clashes between pro-Russian and anti-Russian protesters in Crimea continue.
  • More cold air from the Arctic could lead to temperatures as low as 50 degrees below the averages across the United States.
  • CNN's primetime shows have lost about half of their viewers, compared to this time last year, while Fox News has hit its 146th consecutive month as the top rated cable news network in the U.S.
  • A UFO author is encouraging drone hobbyists to participate in a UFO hoax in April by attaching LED lights to their remote-controlled aircraft.

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