Libertarian Party D.C. Mayoral Candidate Bruce Majors: Stuck in the Middle


Bruce Majors is running for mayor of Washington D.C. with the Libertarian Party. Majors is gay, and has recently been slammed by both the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance for being insufficiently pro-state to count as pro-gay ("His and his party's ideological distrust of government is at odds with policies and reforms favored by GLAA"), and by the Republican Security Council for being insufficiently pro-war to be a good mayor of the District of Columbia ("He is well to the left of Obama and Pelosi on defense, foreign policy and war on terror issues.")

Majors cheeky response: "I actually pledge, if elected Mayor of D.C., NOT to remove any of the D.C. government military bases from Japan or Germany."

A telling survey of how Libertarians are seen by far-flung elements of the American political spectrum with whom you might imagine they have much in common—a desire to see gays treated as fully civically equal, say, or a desire to shrink government spending and overreach.

Alas, Libertarians' full-blooded dedication to liberty and choice sticks in the craw of nearly everyone, for some reason or another, even when the alleged reason, as with the Republcian Security Council, could not possibly have anything to do with the office the Libertarian is seeking. 

Previous blogging from me in November on Bruce Majors' attempts to get the D.C. Libertarian Party moving on up.