Police Abuse

Four Austin Cops Participate in Arrest of One Jaywalking Jogger for "Failure to Identify"

Austin police insist they don't target jaywalkers


they got their woman
Chris Quintero via YouTube

Who will be the last person to get arrested on a bs charge? An arrest in Austin for "failure to identify," via the Daily Texan:

"I was sitting at the Starbucks at 24th and San Antonio," [witness Chris] Quintero said. "Then I hear a cop shout at an innocent girl jogging through West Campus with her headphones on."

When the woman did not stop, the officer grabbed her by the arm and quickly placed her in handcuffs, Quintero said.

"She repeatedly pleaded with them, saying that she was just exercising and to let her go," Quintero said.

In footage of the incident that Quintero filmed, the woman can be seen attempting to get up from the ground and being kept down by police officers. 

"I was doing nothing wrong," the woman said from her position sitting on the sidewalk. "I was crossing the street." 

Two more cops on bikes showed up to help get the woman into the squad car. A police spokesperson insisted Austin police don't specifically target jaywalkers. The jogger was instead reportedly charged with "failing to provide identification," a charge that seems like the kind largely on the book to give police the leeway to arrest someone not doing anything sufficiently illegal.

Related must-read Brian Doherty on how jaywalking and other petty law enforcement disproportionately affects the poor. Watch some footage of the arrest below:

h/t Gwen Dallas

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  1. Hopefully another libertarian was created from this. Maybe several.

    1. “When a mummy cop and a daddy cop, hating liberty very much…”

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    2. In Austin. Doubtful.

    3. I don’t know if I want another libertarian who wears those fucking toe shoes. Epi’s bad enough as it is.

      1. Even a female libertarian with a hot body?!?!? No wonder there are no…

        1. Damn it! Going for my weakness like that.

          She’s in, but Epi’s out.

      2. JW you are a fool. Vibrams are really popular in primal/paleo circles.

        Many people in those circles are libertarian(ish) at least because it requires rejection of the FDA’s food plate etc…

        Get used to it, you are going to see more of them.

      3. No way. I wear them for bootcamp, lifting, and running. Much better than having giant sponges strapped to your feet.

      4. They may look stupid, but I have really bad knees and I find that running in them doesn’t hurt my knees like regular running shoes (even those that are supposed to be appropriate for my running style).

  2. Jesus Christ, are there no fitness standards to being in law enforcement? Looks like those fat fucks could use some jayjogging themselves.

    1. It seems from most police misconduct pictures that the beswined criminals are fat. Do you suppose police reform starts at the waistline? Perhaps thin out the police rankings by only keeping the thin in?

      1. *ranks, not rankings. I police ranking would involve varying degrees of “shit”

        1. Believe it or not, there is a scale for that. Unsurprisingly, I think a German created it.

    2. When you can shoot people in the back while fleeing you don’t need to run.

    3. Why do you think they terrorize innocent unarmed people? If they went after real criminals who were a threat, it might require them to exert more than their asshole muscles.

    4. I’m still amazed that they caught her.

      1. Only because she had headphones on.

  3. And they didn’t do a cavity search before putting her in the car?

    What if she had had a gun? She might have committed suicide.

  4. Since when was “failure to provide identification” a crime? Seriously. Unless they’ve got probable cause to believe you’ve committed a crime or have warrants for your arrest, they have no legal authority to demand identification. Then again, it’s not like they need legal authority anymore. Illegal authority works just fine.

    1. The Supreme Court says reasonable suspicion not probable cause to demand identification.

      1. You would need to have the ID first though. And guessing from her skimpy jogging outfit, she didn’t have ID on her.

      2. And as anyone knows, jogging is a favorite past time of hardened criminals everywhere. That’s reasonable suspicion. She was probably on her way to the scene of her next crime. Thank God these heroes in blue stopped her before that could happen. /PoliceOne commenter derp

        1. Rather than on her way to a crime, I imagine it’s more likely she was training to join the Taliban.

      3. No, it doesn’t. It says that during a legal Terry stop in a states with an I.D. law simply giving your legal name satisfies it.

    2. The charges will be dropped, but the cops already have this in their spank bank for tonight’s circle jerk back at the station, so it’s win-win.

    3. It’s not, at least in according to the Texas penal code. It’s a crime to refuse to give your name and address if you’re under arrest, but there’s no requirement to carry ID, nor is it a crime to not identify yourself if you’re not under arrest.

      1. Since jaywalking is not an arrestable offense, this whole thing is bullshit.

        1. Everything is an arrestable offense if they can’t establish your identity for the citation. (Atwater v Lago Vista 532 US 318, a case based on an arrest for a seat belt violation in an Austin suburb).

          Still doesn’t mean it’s not bullshit, though.

    4. That’s my question. I’m pretty sure that carrying your papers (or even having ID at all) is not a requirement to be on public streets anywhere in the US. There is no right to privacy in public, but there should be a right to anonymity. And definitely a right to leave your drivers license at home while jogging.

      1. These days the cops make up the law as they go along, so it doesn’t really matter. If you fail to show sufficient respect, you’re going to jail. Period. If you didn’t break any laws, they’ll make something up. Then drop charges the next day. That’s how it works in the land of the free.

  5. The people need to rise up and smite the aggressors.

  6. Quick, somebody!

    Tell us what an awesome bastion of freedom Texas is.

    1. Texas is an awesome bastion of freedom.

      /smart ass

    2. Austin is a pretty liberal city. Don’t they have a Citizens Police Review Board or something to investigate these kinds of abuse of authority?

      1. Oversight! Accountability!! Democracy in action!!!

      2. Two things to worry about while visiting Texas:
        1) small-town cops with nothing better to do.
        2) Austin cops.

      3. I know that the rotten shiteating fuckstains who lobbied for the breed specific legislation that was passed in Maryland are from a PAC based in Austin. For that reason alone I would gladly nuke the city from fucking orbit. Which sucks, because I like Texas in general.

        Then again, I’ve only been to east Texas, and that’s basically western Louisiana.

      4. You ever notice how it’s almost always the really liberal cities like Austin, TX, Boulder, CO, New York, etc. that tend to have the shittiest, most abusive police forces? It’s almost like having a bunch of bullshit “victimless crime” laws to try and dictate people’s behavior results in turning averge people into criminals or something. Funny that.

        1. One of my favorite experiences with the Boulder cops was when my apartment was broken into. I had a broken window and stuff missing, so I stupidly called the cops. They showed up and asked me for ID. I gave it to them. When they discovered there weren’t any warrants for my arrest, they left. No questions about the break-in, no report, no nothing. I imagine if there had been warrants, they’d have left my door unlocked and open.

        2. But Phoenix, AZ beats them all with Sheriff Joe.

          1. Not just Phoenix – all of Maricopa County.

    3. It’s not real Texas, it’s Austin. That’s where all the Tony’s congregate.

  7. Just keep on truckin’, all you cops. Just keep on truckin’. Sooner or later the people are gonna get fed up with your shit.

    1. Well, maybe. But when the people do get fed up the American cop along with the American military will handle their protesting brothers and sisters adeptly and violently.

      The system here isn’t meant to be defied. When the shit does eventually hit the fan what happens here will set the new standard for millennial dictatorship set within a clean but brutal corporate/government world.

      Contemporary dictatorships are messy and lonely. The upcoming American dictatorship will be sterile, suburban, and possibly even vibrant.

    2. So? You best keep your nose clean. No matter how fed up we get, their shit will always be bigger. See Wacko.

      1. It’s Waco, Warren – as in the wackos in Waco.

  8. Failure to identify? WTF since when are Americans required to carry identification papers with them at all times?

    1. “Papieren Bitte.”

      1. “Papiere, bitte.”

        The grammar Nazi police will now take you away.

  9. When I worked for DoD I’d go jogging on the military base after work. There was a no-headphones policy, which I didn’t know at first. I was out running one day and the military police pulled up along side me, got my attention, told me of the rule, and wished me a good day. Just as in rules of engagement, it would be nice to have a police force that shows the restraint of the military.

    1. Most MP’s are the gold standard of how lazy, inept police forces should actually behave.

      1. Yeah, I trust soldiers much more than police, and MP’s have much better incentives as to which crimes should actually be enforced.

        In San Diego the MPs would create weekend safety routes for drunk sailors to get back to base and avoid the city cops, many of whom would hang out near the Coronado base entrances on the weekends picking off soldiers. The sailors would still get punished for drunk driving (the drunk walkers would get a ride home), but it wouldn’t be the MADD-dictated overkill of current DUI and public intoxication laws.

        1. I’m pretty sure that sailors dislike being called soldiers and vice versa.

      2. That’s because MP’s actually get punished for fucking up.

        1. This is the crux of the biscuit. Zero accountability for the stooges of state power is the slippery slope to the totalitarian state.

  10. “failure to identify”

    Papieren, bitte!

  11. Is there a law requiring you to carry ID at all times? There’s apparently not a requirement to even have an ID since progs have been complaining about what an imposition it is to require it for voting.

    I suspect most people don’t carry ID when they’re jogging. I certainly don’t. If she didn’t have it, and she wasn’t required to have it, what was she supposed to do in response to their demands?

    1. There damn well better not be. And drivers licenses should be for driving, not voting and buying beer.

  12. Austin’s goon squad can be reached at 512-974-5750. To report jaywalkers, of course.

  13. More like an excuse to cop a feel on Texas U freshman girls in gym shorts and half tshirts.

  14. Keep Austin Wired.

  15. Baboons.

    With guns.

  16. Looks to me like her fate was sealed the moment she did not immediately obey. That’s the worst thing you can do to a cop. Fail to immediately obey. That’s disrespecting their authoritah, and from then on at minimum you’re going to jail, at worst they kill you. Then nothing else happens.

    1. Plus, she’s blonde and attractive and they are fat and ugly.

    2. Her fate was sealed the moment the cop saw her and decided he wanted to feel her up.

      1. I bet he does that shit all the time.

  17. When will we get around to hunting these goons down and trying them for their crimes against humanity?

  18. Obese state-sanctioned animals treating a blonde like she deserves to be treated.


  19. Will climate change will increase CRIME? Warmer weather will cause murder, rape and robbery rates to soar, claims expert

    Cambridge Massachusetts-based Abt Associates thinks the social cost of increased crime could reach $115billion in the U.S alone
    Global warming could mean a two per cent increase in murders and a three per cent rise in cases of rape
    Study says a four per cent increase in the size of the U.S. police force would be required to offset the climate-related increase in crimes

    More proof that peak-derp can never be reached.

    1. I don’t know if climate change will increase crime but it sure hasn’t helped their grammar. “Will climate change will increase crime”. Feh.

    2. “four per cent increase in the size of the U.S. police force would be required to offset the climate-related increase in crimes”

      I don’t think this company understands correlations at all . They won’t be in business for long.

      1. Abt has been around for decades. It’s one of those strange elitist quags of authoritarian high-mindedness governments pay for ‘scholarly’ advice. These pencil heads spin media diarrhea and government policy disasters for a living.

        1. “We want to put more cops on the street. Give us an excuse.”

          1. “We want to increase our membership rolls so that we have more money to give to politicians, who in turn will give you more money for bogus studies meant to give them an excuse to increase the number of cops on the streets ,which will increase our membership rolls so that we will have more money to give to politicians… etc. ad infinitum” – FoP

        2. Other Abt “studies”

          Abt SRBI Study Reveals Most New Yorkers Consume Too Much Sodium
          Phone Reminder Service Decreases Discontinuation of Contraception in India
          Using AmeriCorps to Support School Turnaround
          Meta-analysis of the Economic Impacts of Extreme Climate Events

    3. A four percent increase in cops on the street would cause a two percent increase in murders and three percent raise in rapes. Avoid these recommendations at all costs.

    4. More proof that peak-derpwasteful and useless spending can never be reached.

    5. “‘Global warming could mean a two per cent increase in murders and a three per cent rise in cases of rape””

      Is this on that Warming List? Because, seriously. 3% more Rape. FTW.

      I’m so quoting that statistic as ‘fact’ now.

      OMG the guy is like SO ahead of the curve on this one…

      Global Warming doesn’t just cause “rape” = it causes RAPE WAVES:


      “According to this article from Aftonbladet, with the title “Summertime ? rape time”, the huge spike in rapes during the summer is caused by the nice, warm weather, which brings out all those hormones…

      I actually plugged the original article into a Swedish-English translator. It is indeed what it claims to be. Gems like the following =

      ” there are several theories on, among other things, that people in general are more scantily clad young in the summer and that more people are outdoors.”

  20. Listening to her screams on the recording, I’m seriously surprised they didn’t start punching her to make her shut up.

    1. True. Making too much noise is a sub-category of failure to obey.

      1. I think it deserves its own special category.

        because even failure to obey *silently* is far preferred to “Obeying” while squealing like a 4yr old who just had their juice box taken away.

        I fucking hate arbitrary authority as much as anybody, and have nothing but contempt for the All-American Overweight Gestapo we call cops, but for the love of god…. When The Man is fucking with you? SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE. you’re just making things worse.

        It reminds me of that idiot in san fran who spent “6 hours in solitary”. Not because they were some martyr of principle = because they were an insufferable cunt.

        1. The Man is fucking with you? SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE. you’re just making things worse.

          I say this to people almost everyday. You have almost no chance of making things better and are almost guaranteed to make things much, much worse.

          1. And by people, you mean *your wife*?


        2. That’s true, but like so many, she was probably raised to respect authority & and had never experienced being fucked with by authority. She just didn’t know any better. Hopefully, this opens her eyes.

          Or, she’ll think it was a rogue cop & the system is fine.

    2. I’m sure the only reason they didn’t is because there other people around. Too many witnesses. I’m sure they took turns feeling her up or worse once they got her back to the station.

      “Time for your cavity search, missy! We’ll just see if you really don’t have any ID.”

  21. This is actually great news! This means that Austin has solved all of its major crime issues, since they can afford to spare 4 flabby officers for such a petty and meaningless offense.

  22. So much for yesterday’s guidance of ‘don’t talk to cops’ and ‘don’t call the cops’. Now, apparently, we have to add ‘keep your head on a swivel and completely fucking avoid the cops’

    1. But you can’t be too conspicuous while avoiding them…

    2. Actively avoiding cops constitutes reasonable suspicion, so FYTW.

    3. If you must clench, do so inconspicuously.

  23. “four per cent increase in the size of the U.S. police force would be required to offset the climate-related increase in crimes”

    Yeah; we don’t have enough cops.

    What a bunch of bootlicking morons.

  24. I guarantee there’s more to the story.

    1. Sure, Tulpa. Whatever you say.

    2. So they got her on “failure to identify” but what about jaywalking? My assumption is that if she was jaywalking, she’d be ticketed for it, and since her jaywalking was the impetus for them asking her to ID herself, this all smells of bullshit.

      There may be more to the story, but how low does the likelihood have to be for you to not agree these guys are being macho assholes and perverting their duties?

      1. According to the Texas penal code, failure to identify applies only if you refuse to give your name and address while under arrest. It has nothing to do with carrying identification and doesn’t apply if you’re not under arrest. So, unless they were arresting her for jaywalking and she refused to give her name, “failure to identify” doesn’t apply. And, by the terms of the charge, you cannot stop and arrest someone for “failure to identify.”

        1. So do we actually know that’s what she was charged with? No, because no one did any follow up whatsoever.

          1. Except for the part where the police spokesperson says what the charges were. So apparently someone did some followup.

            Next time try reading the article before reflexively defending the cops.

          2. These fat fucks give not a single whit about your apologist attitude so why waste the mental energy defending what is clearly harsh bullshit?

    3. Right, because the video didn’t pick up that she was concealing a Glock under her belly shirt and tossed it when the cops saw her. Or something.

    4. Well, it would have been nice if the campus paper’s reporter had managed to find out who the woman was, what charges were filed against her, if the authorities are going to prosecute, what testimony the cops are going to give, stuff like that. Didn’t reporters used to be able to find that stuff out?

      1. dude, man, come on. journalism these days is 1-part clicking pics with yer iphone, 1-part obnoxious self-important progressive indignity. This other stuff you’re talking about sounds like actual ‘work’. and uh, like, we don’t have to do that anymnore, because Obamacare.

      2. Getting a lot of that information requires the cooperation of the police, and I don’t think police departments are as cooperative as they once were.

      3. UPDATE: I do not know what ultimately happened to her after being put into the car, I had class.

      4. Yes, exactly. We have no idea what the story is here. Also, does this video have her screaming dubbed over or what? It’s a really weird video.

        1. KTBC Fox 7 in Austin had the following statement from APD: “The woman refused to identify herself. She was arrested for failure to identify and traffic signal violation.”

          1. Randian is too busy defending the cops to actually read the article.

            1. Here’s a report on it. Looks like they might tack on a “resisting” charge as well.


  25. I guarantee there’s more to the story.

    Of course you do, you useless badgelicker.

    1. yeah you got me. By all means review my posts and see if that’s true, you fucking idiot.

    2. to be clear, I have to swallow what’s reported here in its entirety or else I’m a “badgelicker”


      1. You aren’t thinking… you are a reflexive apologist.

  26. Failure to identify? Bitch didn’t give up her name and number to fatso authority figure that thought she was cute.

  27. Is this an example of people getting what they want good and hard?

    Austin isn’t exactly known for it’s desire for limited/restrained government.

    All I think of is this picture:

    1. sorry, test

  28. By all means review my posts and see if that’s true

    I have. It is.

      1. When all else fails, call people names. So mature. Not that I’d expect anything else from you.

  29. Boo hoo.


    Have some cake. You’ll feel better.

  30. People can stop wondering when the US might become a police state. It’s already happened.

  31. APD Police Chief Art Acevedo is defending his thugs on Twitter:


    1. Simple-minded nincompoops like that couldn’t manage a McDonald’s much less a bevy of armed porkers.

  32. This somehow pisses me off more than stories about SWAT teams shooting dogs for no reason.
    Also, +1 on hating those fucking toe-shoes.

  33. I think more Austin hippies should feel the jackboot of the state.

    Important life lesson.

    1. As they go, so will you.

  34. at first I was like, “shit, now they’re making it harder to go running”
    But then I saw the chick and was like “OK, some hippie, looks like maybe she must have done something jerky.”

    But what with the actual report by the bystander, yeah, it seems pretty cut and dry

  35. Typical biased Reason reporting here.

    What the author failed to mention was that the incident occurred on a Thursday. Yeah, that’s right, a THURSDAY… you know, the day all the murderers, thieves and rapists take the day off.

    So to answer your snarky question: No, the cops did not have anything better to do that day.

  36. I’m sure I’m not the first (nor will I be the last) to point out that the police spokeswoman says the charge was “failure to identify.” But Texas law (Penal Code ?38.02(a)) says you’re not required to identify until *after* you’ve been “lawfully arrested.” So she was arrested for not doing something she didn’t have to do ? until after she was arrested.

    1. Seems legit[/sarcasm]

      Ugh, its like being arrested for ‘resisting arrest’. Seriously, I work in private security and have to interact with local Tampa cops and I have to wonder if they cannot fathom the blowback that is building. Its the tin-plated dirtbags with a badge that get other cops killed, I’m convinced.

  37. You scumbag members in law enforcement are complicit in the expansion of this police state. You empower this police state by acting in it. To whom is your faith given? Really? To America? not anymore. To the constitution? Perfect example. 4 men have to take down a college girl. Shame on you, shame on your career, shame on your citizenship. Your traitors to your countrymen and women.

  38. Beginning a statement with “To be clear…” nullifies everything that follows.

  39. “Your papers! You must show me your papers!” The iron curtain of the police state is slowly but surely coming down on us all.

  40. Worth reading this… https://medium.com/human-parts/9f53ef6a1c10

    “Good Samaritan Backfire
    or How I Ended Up in Solitary After Calling 911 for Help ”

    911 is a trap just like everything else the government tries to help with. Best to carry your own gun, and get to the hospital if you can on your own.

    Never call 911 if you are in the backwoods. It’ll bankrupt you.

  41. Wasn’t there case called Miranda about this?

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