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Charlotte Figi's Story Brings Families to Colorado for Her Medical Marijuana Strain

Parents relocating to try to get treatment for children's seizures


Charlotte Figi, in darker days

In August, the remarkable story of Charlotte Figi, a now 7-year-old girl whose dangerous, frequent seizures resisted all treatments until medical marijuana, prompted CNN's medical expert Sanjay Gupta to overcome his own resistance to the drug's use.

Today CBS News follows up to note that apparently dozens of other families are now making the trek to Colorado in order to get access to the same strain of marijuana, known as "Charlotte's Web," for children also suffering from rare epileptic disorders that are defying treatment. They spoke to another family who came to Colorado and saw similarly effective results:

The family of 20-month-old Maggie Selmeski moved from Tennessee to Colorado last November seeking Charlotte's Web. Her mom, Rachel, told CBS News' Teri Okita that her daughter would suffer up to 500 seizures a day, and epilepsy medication did not help. However, Charlotte's Web has reduced the seizures drastically, she said.

"I can watch people's face as I tell them we're giving her cannabis oil, and it's like … a little questioning," she said.

And then, of course, all this good news is followed by this sentence: "Doctors warn there is no proof that Charlotte's Web is effective, or even safe." Another doctor pointed out there's no "peer-reviewed study" yet. It's the kind of statement that tends to fall on the deaf ears of parents whose kids are having hundreds of seizures that defy all treatment and who are diplomatically being told not to get terribly attached to their progeny. These aren't ulcer treatments the parents are looking for, and based on the reporting on children with this rare version of epilepsy, it's not like they're giving up tried-and-true conventional medical treatments for homeopathic remedies or magic crystals. Modern medicine was unable to fix these problems. What else are the parents supposed to do? (And do we need to get into how the lack of research into the effectiveness of marijuana as a medical treatment is a direct consequence of the country's own drug policies in the first place?)

Read more and watch the CBS segment here.

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  1. dozens of other families are now making the trek to Colorado in order to get access to the same strain of marijuana

    And DEA agents are waiting for them to return home.

    1. Transporting a minor across state lines for the purposes of acquisition of controlled substances, along with disbursement of said substances to the minor in question? I can only imagine they’re itching at the prospect…

  2. These sick children are setting a bad example For The Children.

    How will we ever win the War on Drugs if parents like these turn traitor? When these kids are shaking from uncontrollable seizures, they’re shaking for AMERICA.

    1. Damn you Poe, damn you.

      (I know you’re being sarcastic [OK, I really strongly suspect it, anyway] but there’s almost certainly someone out there who actually thinks this.)

  3. Charlotte Figi’s Story Brings Families to Colorado for Her Medical Marijuana Strain

    GATEWAY DRUG! Way to drag others into the gutter with you, Shakey!

    1. Jesus Christ, the extract they’re using doesn’t even seem to have much of the typical psychoactive substance in it. It’s a completely separate chemical that has the antiseizure properties. People freaking out about this are getting hung up on the source. It’s like… chemical guilt-by-association. *WHAAAAAAAARGARBL!*

  4. “Doctors warn there is no proof that Charlotte’s Web is effective, or even safe.” Another doctor pointed out there’s no “peer-reviewed study” yet.

    More dangerous than falling down into epileptic fits all day long?

    Fuck off.

    1. I bet there’s a peer-reviewed study underway right now, right?

      1. Of course! Why state boards of health are motivated only in health and informed only by science.

    2. More dangerous than falling down into epileptic fits all day long?

      Statist: “well, if it was MY child of COURSE I would use this because clearly it is better than epileptic fits all day long, but I think I speak for everyone in stating that more vigorous research is needed before this becomes a viable solution. You know, for the children.”

      God I hate these people.

  5. NEWSMAX: Bible Verse Contains Hidden Healing Code

    I really hope the hidden code is “Smoke weed every day”

    1. So you’re hoping Nate Dogg secretly wrote part of the Bible?

      1. Don’t be ridiculous. I already know that. I’m just hoping that’s the secret Bible code that NEWSMAX found.

        I had to read and debunk a bunch of Bible code books when I was younger to prevent some of my family members from being suckered in. It was …an education.

  6. Seizures changed my mind on medical reefer. A paraplegic friend used to suffer terrible seizures. One evening, she started to go into seizures. She lit up a doobie and the seizures stopped immediately.

    Before that, I was ok with people smoking dope, but thought the medical use was a bunch of BS to get around laws. Not anymore.

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