Coloradans Think Marijuana Legalization Hurts State Image

Nevertheless, voters support the law


While most Colorado voters still support the legalization of recreational marijuana, a majority says the law harms the state's national image in a new poll on Monday.

Colorado voters say 51 percent to 38 percent that the law is bad for Colorado's image, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Monday.

Still, 58 percent of voters support the law compared with 39 percent who oppose it, more than Quinnipiac's last poll in August that found 54 percent to 41 percent support.

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  1. “Coloradans Think Marijuana Legalization Hurts State Image”

    As much as lefty politics hurts CA’s image?

  2. Don’t worry CO, you won’t be an outlier for long

  3. People of Colorado you are my heroes.
    You deserve a Noble Peace Prize for what you have done.
    The drug war has forced billions into the hands of criminals and terrorists and destroyed the lives of millions of people.
    It has robbed the poorest people in the world of the staple, economic and medicinal crops.
    The drug war has corrupted every police force and every government in the world.
    The horrors of the drug war could fill an encyclopedia.
    Colorado, Washington and Uruguay are exposing the lie of prohibition.
    Other nations will soon follow.
    Cannabis will be legal in most western nations by the end of the decade, if not sooner.

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