Mother of Three Goes to Jail for Growing Medical Pot


On December 17, 2013, Daisy Bram was convicted of cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. Bram was sentenced to 120 days in jail and four years probation. Bram was incarcerated on February 1, 2014. Her three children were taken into custody by Child Protective Services more than a year ago and remain in foster care.

"Parents, Pot and Prohibition: Daisy Bram's Story" was released on May 16, 2013. The original text is here:

As her children were being taken away from her, Daisy Bram screamed, "My babies! My babies!"

In 2011, Daisy Bram and Jayme Walsh lived with their two small children, Thor and Zeus, in Butte County, California. Like so many other people in northern California, Bram and Walsh had medical marijuana recommendations and a small cannabis garden in their back yard. In September, their home was raided by Butte County sheriffs. Bram and Walsh were charged with cultivation of marijuana, possession with intent to sell, and child endangerment. Thor and Zeus were taken by Child Protective Services and placed in foster care for four months.

A year later, Bram gave birth to their third son, Invictus. With their Butte County cases still unresolved, Bram and Walsh decided to move their family to neighboring Tehama County.

In January of 2013, Tehama County sheriffs raided Bram and Walsh's new home. This time they found a cannabis garden in a locked room off the back of the house. Child Protective Services once again seized Bram and Walsh's children and placed them in foster care, where they remain to this day. On January 30, Tehama County officers seized Bram's car. Walsh is currently in jail with bail set at one million dollars. Bram is out on bail awaiting future court dates.

"There is nothing worse that someone can be accused of than doing something to harm their own children. If someone from the government is going to come after someone and make that accusation, they better have the ammunition ready to go," said Michael Levinsohn, Daisy Bram's attorney.

Learn more about Daisy's story at Green Aid and The Human Solution.

Approximately 7.5 minutes.

Produced by Paul Feine and Alex Manning.

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  1. Walsh is currently in jail with bail set at one million dollars

    For growing a fucking plant. Fuck you, drug warriors. Fuck you with a chainsaw.

    1. And a plant that they had reason to believe that they were growing legally. A case of “you fucked up, you trusted us”, I guess.

      Really seems like someone must have had it in for these people.

    2. To quote Paul Pennyfeather, “God blast and damn them all to Hell.”

    3. She’s the mother of three little blonde cherubs.

      This is who we’re rounding up. This is who we’re kidnapping and throwing in a cage.

      Nice job, America. Nice. Fucking. Job.

    4. Honestly, this is where we separate the “law and order” types from the decent human beings.

      If you think pot should be illegal, or that “the law is the law”, then defend this to me. Tell me how we, as a nation, are better off because we broke this family and jailed this woman.

  2. Epi, obviously these are hardened criminals who deserve hard time. I can’t even see the wisdom of bail or probation as they are undeniably a threat to society since they don’t live in Colorado or Washington where such heinous crimes don’t seem to do as much damage to society.

    Their children will gain so much by being raised by strangers.

  3. No one goes to jail for pot.

    1. Yeah, that is kind of a load of crap. Very few people go to jail for simple possession, but lots of people do for growing or dealing, which are also non-crimes.

      1. All for one of the least toxic substances under the sun. If the following links are to be believed, the LD50 of water is 90 ml/kg. The LD50 of THC is 730 mg/kg.

        1. The number for THC is just amazing. I knew it was high, but that would mean that I, a very skinny person, would need to eat like 60 g. of hash oil to die from THC. It is so far above a pleasant dose that it is really impossible unless you chug a bunch of oil or something.

        2. There are always the dozen or so water intoxication deaths every year too. I will try to remember the LD50 level.. thanks!

      2. INTENT TO SELL. Was she a dealer? Doesn’t matter. They knew her intention. They KNEW it.

      3. Very few people go to jail for simple possession, but lots of people do for growing or dealing

        That’s because anyone caught with more than a couple of ounces is presumed to be a dealer. And if you ever gave a joint to a friend your a dealer in the eyes of the law.

    2. Drug Prohibition – do it for the children.

    3. Wrong, but arguably one goes to pot for jail.

  4. Worth revisiting.…..nt_3753640

    The middle child supposedly tested positive for THC, morphine and herion. I’m all for ending the war on drugs, but fuck Daisy Bram’s victimhood here, esp when Mr Feine conveniently leaves out the other charge she was convicted of.
    PS Maybe she shouldn’t have represented herself in court either…

    1. And as someone posted on that previous thread, you can test positive for morphine after eating a poppy seed bagel.

      1. Yep, and you can have a reasonable expectation of keeping your kids if you don’t knowingly break the same laws over and over again. If she wants to be the MLK of pot, fine, she’ll probably end up vindicated the way the states are starting to waterfall, but seriously Reason spare me the Daisy Bram as innocent mother/victim narrative.

        1. Tell me again how getting busted twice for weed means you deserve to have your kids taken away.

          I wasn’t aware that having your kids taken is a typical form of criminal punishment.

          1. Never said she deserves to have her kids taken away, but if I had to pick a reason it would the child endangerment conviction that would do it, not the drug charge. It’s the multiple drug busts that makes me lose sympathy. She made her choice after the first bust.

            1. As wrong as the system is she’s living in, she is aware of it. If she really valued the integrity of her family above all else, she would’ve stopped playing with fire after the first bust. She didn’t. But a sappy video is supposed to make her a victim??

              1. “A sappy video is supposed to make her a victim?”

                That’s the idea, yes.

                noun \?pr?-p?-?gan-d?, ?pr?-\

                : ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.

              2. If she really valued the integrity of her family above all else, she would’ve stopped playing with fire after the first bust.


            2. Steve G’s commentary on guns and raw milk:

              It’s getting caught with guns or raw milk multiple times that made me lose sympathy.

            3. Never said she deserves to have her kids taken away,

              I think you did:

              fuck Daisy Bram’s victimhood here

              you can have a reasonable expectation of keeping your kids if you don’t knowingly break the same laws over and over again

          2. Tell me again how getting busted twice for weed means you deserve to have your kids taken away.

            Did you miss the part where Steve linked to this:

            The criminal child abuse charges against Ms. Bram were based on an unsafe home due to broken Pyrex dishes and razor blades coated with hash, syringes with Xanax residue, and a “Twister” high-volume bud trimmer, all located in an area accessible by the older child. There was also marijuana bud located in multiple locations where the older child could reach, generator cables running through water puddles in the back yard near piles of toys, and text messages on Jayme Walsh’s phone arranging marijuana sales with people in Pennsylvania.

            Yeah. Any one of these things would warrant the children being removed for their own safety. There are plenty of people being horribly mistreated by the drug war, this woman doesn’t seem to be one of them.

            1. Yeah, The first arrest was horrifying and possibly an overreach, but the second, I’m not so sure.

            2. Yeah I agree. I think it’s possible to disagree with the law and still think that someone’s a d-bag for choosing to risk their kids over it.

              For example, I regularly jaywalk or cross the street with a red light if I’m by myself. But if I’m walking with, say, my little niece or nephew. I never do it, even if the coast is clear, because it’s no longer just my life I’m risking.

              1. I don’t even disagree with the law. If the kids actually HAD been taken away entirely because of pot, I would be horrified. If this woman was leaving razor blades and syringes around her children, that is textbook child endangerment.

                Unfortunately, I can’t find any evidence either way searching online. This case is so politicized that every article I find either wants her to hang or is busy putting her up for sainthood.

                I really don’t know what to think, but it’s very possible she actually did put her children in danger.

                1. They sound like low-lifes and bad parents, but are the kids better off in foster care? Maybe, but it seems very unlikely to me. I grew up in a neighborhood full of low-lifes and bad parents, and we were all better off than the foster kids.

              2. So you trust the lights over your own eyes and presuppose that no one will run a light. Yeah, your safe alright.

            3. Because CPS workers acting arm-in-arm with law enforcement would NEVER exaggerate or twist the facts to make the parents look as bad as possible.

              “An areas accessible by the older child” probably means that it was the parents bedroom and they didn’t actually put a padlock on it to keep him out.

            4. I would guess that you could find “dangers” comparable to those cited above (broken glass, sharp objects, substandard electrical) in a non-trivial percentage of homes with children.

              What house, for example, doesn’t have a double fistful of knives “in an area accessible by an older child”? Hell, I’ve never lived in a house where the entire fucking electrical panel, not to mention various flavors of exposed wiring are “accessible” to an older child.

              “Three felonies a day” applies to any house with kids.

              And color me skeptical about the positive drug test on the one kid, as well.

              1. are not “accessible” to an older child.

                But you knew that.

        2. Look, we have ourselves a New New Tulpa! What joy!

          1. “We have ourselves a New New Tulpa!”

            And the same old Epi, still battling echo-chamber dissenters.

            1. Yep, gotta be careful upsetting the groupthink on here sometimes… you’ll get a NEW NAME!!! ooooo

        3. “Reason spare me the Daisy Bram as innocent mother/victim narrative”


      2. And prevent you from going on an African trip with Peterman.

        1. +2 Little Kicks

    2. The middle child supposedly tested positive for THC, morphine and herion.

      Yeah, if this is true she deserves to go to prison.

    3. Morphine AND heroin? Is it even possible to distinguish between the two once they’ve been in the body for more than a few minutes?

      1. My understanding is that Heroin metabolizes into Morphine… so probably not.

        1. Breastfeading

    4. How can someone have 50 plants growing – the 2nd time around- and not think they might have an issue?? 50 plants is NOT the law in CA.

      1. Of course they have issues. They are called the mortgage, food bill, utilities etc….

    5. Steve G: “Worth revisiting.” (link)

      That guy is the DA, so it’s almost certain that he’s lying.

  5. As her children were being taken away from her, Daisy Bram screamed, “My babies! My babies!”

    Rescued. Those children were RESCUED by noble, selfless agents of the State, whose understanding of the social contract obviously exceeds a bunch of libertine-arian hopheads.

    1. Obviously, if her parents were dumb enough to break marijuana laws twice, they are recklessly endangering their kids by exposing them to the possibility of a violent SWAT raid by armed agents of the state.

      1. Common sense and intelligence HAS to kick in at some point. Their quest is noble, yet wrong-headed since the state doesn’t give a single shit about seizing babies in their quest to fix the ‘selfish-brained’ as they like to call it.

      2. If they lived in the US, they are endangering their kids by exposing them to the possibility of a SWAT raid.

        Seems like 15 cops in ninja gear are often too excited to *get the fucking address right*.

    2. Did not know the social contract included kidnapping.

  6. This doesn’t make sense. I used to live in California and still have friends there who have children and possess medical mj cards. They don’t get messed with. Is it because this woman was growing? Or do they have actual proof that she was selling? Or is it at the discretion of the county sheriffs?

    1. Something to do with the sheer quantity and intent/evidence of selling interstate..

    2. It seems like maybe they were growing too much, which often leads to a legal assumption that they are selling it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Lots of people do, especially in CA.

      1. Last good pot I got was from someone who was growing it for the medical excuse.

      2. How big were these plants?

        If they were seedlings, then this is a total set-up. To get a dozen good producing females, you need to start with at least 50 seedlings. Some will die, half will be males, some of the females will be sorry-ass plants, etc.

    3. I’ve read that CPS workers in Cali get bonuses when they remove kids from a home.

      It that’s true then that has to contribute to children being deemed in danger.

  7. Parents who name their kids Zeus, Thor and Invictus are guilty of child abuse.

    Now about the pot…

    1. This.

    2. Thor is a fairly common Scandinavian name, actually. There are tons of them running around with names like “Thor Thorson” (seriously).

      The other two, though…yea…

      1. Actually, Invictus is fine, too. Shortens up to “Vic” if/when they get tired of having an unusual name. I don’t know how you save Zeus, but just being known as “Z” probably wouldn’t be so bad.

        1. Or just pronounce it as zay-us.

      2. I’m Norwegian, and I may or may not have people with that name in my family.

  8. Growing numbers of beggars are filling the streets of our two biggest cities, where some claim to be making as much as $200 a day.

  9. So it’d be ok if it wasn’t a mother of three. aiiiight.

    1. The fact that she is a mother is kind of relevant to the story in this case.

  10. Finance company CEO under investigation kills himself with a nailgun

    They said Talley died from seven or eight self-inflicted wounds from a nail gun fired into his torso and head.


    1. So does this count in the gun homocide stats?

      1. It count’s as eight.

    2. I hope it had a ‘repeat action’ feature.

    3. News flash:
      Man survives six self-inflicted nail-gun wounds!

      1. Oh, shit. The last guy who survived serious nail guns (came to 3 days later and wandered off) started a whole heap of trouble.

        This guy is gonna put L. Ron to shame if he was smart enough to plan on having his followers steal his body after a few days in the morgue.

    1. Thoughts:

      The URL says six, but the headline says seven.

      Vine is for people too stupid to turn their phones sideways. WTF is it doing in this article?

      “Slopestyle” is retarded.

      This list doesn’t include short track speedskating. These folks aren’t trustworthy.

      1. Vine is for people too stupid to turn their phones sideways. WTF is it doing in this article?

        I HATE THAT. There should probably be a law or something. Me gently recommending that people hold their phones horizontally when shooting video has so far failed to make a dent in this.

    2. You are the Bob Costas of reason commenters.

  11. Yes, it’s sad and we feel for the children but the law is the law and she knew the law and decided to disobey the law so the law does what the law does. Law, law, law, law… and more law. Law. Laws cannot be disobeyed. The laws were designed to save you from yourself. It’s that simple, sez Robert Dupont.

    1. Dupont cleverly calls this ‘therapeutic jurisprudence’.

  12. Limpiks update:

    Hot US chicks playing hockey. Beating teh Finns 1-0.

    I might give this hockey shit a chance.

    1. And they fight (not in limpiks, but stock footage). This is fucking awesome!

    2. I’ll wait for the update.
      HIH can you tell if they’re hot in hockey unis?

      1. Showing pics. It’s teh limpiks.

        1. I guess I’m too late. All I see is foreign dudes in spandex skating in a circle.

            1. Thanks. Problem solved.

        2. Francisco d Anconia|2.8.14 @ 6:58PM|#
          “Showing pics. It’s teh limpiks.”

          I forgot.
          Bob Costas. Human interest.
          ‘Why, when he was a mere yute, his great uncle contracted a horrible case of the flu!
          Young Max spent days missing his practice to keep Uncle Bob medicated! But somehow…

    3. Didn’t that game start at 3AM US ET? It’s been over for 15 hours now.

  13. “Bloody war to Catholic Church by FEMEN! – “TO?O FUERA DE MI CO?O”

    “Today, FEMEN Spain has attacked main Madrid’s archbishop, Antonio (known as To?o) M? Rouco Varela, one of lobbyist of anti abortion law in Spain. Five sextremists tackle him screaming “To?o fuera de mi co?o” (To?o get out of my pussy). This way the activists made a point Church cannot have any relationship with politics. On their bare breasts could be read “Stop mafia episcopal” (Stop episcopal mafia) “Aborto es sagrado” (Abortion is sacred) and “To?o fuera de mi co?o”. The archbishop has suffered a rain of panties soaked with the blood of our illegal abortions. This moment has lead him to a mystic experience.

    “To?o, as a good friend of Gallard?n the minister and author of antiabortion law, decided it’s time to make women go back to Middle Ages. To?o is one of the main supporters of this minister’s attempt to change the abortion law.

    “The deal between Gallard?n and Spanish episcopal mafia has the aim to get Inquisition back, where women will be considered to be heretic because of their abortions. We are going Black Ages when abortionists were burn at the stakes.

    “FEMEN demands the total separation between the State and Spanish Church and total stop of Gallardon’s abortion law reform. If this does not happen, our naked war will continue against anyone who threaten our right to abort!”

    1. CAUTION: After going to that site, I suddenly had some connectivity problems. May be a coincidence, maybe not. Sorry about that.,

      A more reputable link is provided in the next thread.

      1. Oh, so that’s why you double posted.

        1. No, but it provides a retroactive justification. I double-posted when I saw they had a new thread up. But in hindsight it was probably a good idea.

          1. It is a bit inflammatory. I have never heard the phrase “Abortion is sacred” from somebody on the pro choice side before.

            1. ” If life is precious and helping our children to flourish is one of the most precious obligations we take on in life, then being able to stop an ill-conceived gestation is a *sacred* gift….

              “No institution — and nobody’s boss — should have a say in one of the most personal and *sacred* decisions we can make: whether to have child….

              “8. Embrace abortion as a *sacred* gift or blessing….

              “Abortion doctors are compassionate healers…Their work is as *sacred* as any in the field of medicine.”

              Valerie Tarico


              Tarico is a member of the Board of Advocates for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest:


              1. “McCormack questioned Pelosi about the moral difference of babies killed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the moral difference between late-term abortions.

                “”As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this,” Pelosi said sharply. “This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.””


                “[Wendy] Davis tried to portray herself as above party interests…

                “I will seek common ground because we must,” Davis said. “But sometimes you have to take a stand on sacred ground.”

                “Davis also spoke out against the restrictions on abortion clinics lawmakers recently passed…”


                1. “On a pastoral level, Unitarian Universalist ministers would never seek to impose upon an individual woman a certain pre-ordained course of action in matters of reproductive choice. Rather, they would try to companion her in her quest to discern for herself what is right-given her particular circumstances, the web of relationships in which she lives and all that she holds to be sacred.”

                  Unitarian Universalist minister Rebecca Edmiston-Lange, on the Web page of the long-established organization the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice


              2. I didn’t say that nobody has said it. I said that I haven’t heard it.

                1. fair enough!

  14. I was reading this article about seven must watch winter Olympics events.

    God, this article is fucking terrible. The guy randomly informs us that he doesn’t like guns, half the article is filled with Vine clips that you can barely even see, and it has writing that is Jezebel level quality.


    Remember O.J.? And that white Bronco versus the entire LAPD? Awesome. It’s essentially the exact same as that, if it were on the ice, and instead of straightaways on the freeway, they were chasing each other in a loop. Oh, and the reason for the pursuit isn’t a crime. They’re actually just racing for their country. Other than that, it’s O.J.

    Good God. What happened to sports writing in this country? I vaguely remember that in my childhood you actually had to be able to write complete sentences in order to write about sports.

    1. Oh. I see it was posted like four comments ago.

      1. Sounds like it’s D-U-M enough to need repeating.

    2. Is that a hobby blog, or do those people do that for a lving?

      1. It’s Grantland. It’s affiliated with ESPN and Bill Simmons is editor.

        They have some awful writers. I read actual blogs which have far higher quality writing than this ESPN affiliate.

        1. It’s affiliated with ESPN and Bill Simmons is editor.

          This would probably be why it sucks.

      2. …”do those people do that for a lving?”

        I think the question is:
        “What do these people do for a living?”

    3. The writers read like they were rejected from Cracked. Thinking making purposefully ignorant statements about a subject is funny.

  15. My babies! My babies!

    I LOLd.

    1. Because you are inhuman scum I guess?

      1. Nah. I laugh out loud whenever propaganda pieces resort to appeals to emotion.

        1. Propaganda?

          1. That’s what I wrote.

            noun \?pr?-p?-?gan-d?, ?pr?-\

            : ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.

            1. It’s a piece that has an emotional overtone. What the fuck about this is propaganda unless you’re an anti-pot cunt?

              1. The answer is contained within your question.

                1. With no emotions, how is this propaganda unless you’re a pro-drug war propagandist? “Lou Dobz” sounds like a DEA thug whose bored because of the paid vacation he received for going to the wrong house and killing all of its occupants and cheerfully played with their guts.

                  1. I LOLd again.

                    1. Yup.

  16. How’s this for a sign?


    1. The question has also been raised as to whether some of the missing women have fallen victim to Human Trafficking. According to The Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking, the estimated global profits from those exploited for forced labor is $31.6 billion. Often, these modern day slaves are people who have been abducted from areas not far from their homes. As the victims of the Highway 16 vanishings are mainly women, the human trafficking question becomes more urgent. The above referenced report states that 43% of the victims of trafficking are used for forced commercial sexual exploitation, and of that number, 98% are women and girls.

      Yeah, okay.

      “We have no evidence that this has anything to do with human trafficking. Let’s just talk about human trafficking though.”

      1. I didn’t read the article; was interested in the sign.…..women.html

        1. A commenter asked an interesting question: Why don’t they just set up a sting?

          I remember reading an article where the cops think they may be dealing with multiple serial killers.

          1. According to the article, this is a 840 mile stretch of highway. Where would they set up a sting?

            1. Start east of Prince Rupert. This is a route that people driving down from the Alaska Marine Highway terminal in Rupert take.

          2. I actually think this commenter has a good point:

            Whoa, did you know that more than 1,000 people have been murdered along a 2,500-mile stretch of Insterstate 80? Did you know that more than 1,000 people have been murdered along a 1,300-mile stretch of I-95? What a coincidence!

            It’s an 840 mile stretch of highway in a really remote area. There have been forty disappearances in 30 years.

            It’s possible there is no serial killer. Some of them may have run afoul of criminals, but some may have just died in the woods somewhere along the highway and never been found.

            The fact that it’s supposedly all women would belie that argument, but I’d like to know if any men have disappeared as well. Men disappearing tend not to get the same amount of press because there’s still a sexist view that it’s more important to protect the women. If men have also disappeared over the last 30 years on this 840 stretch of highway, then there might be no killer at all.

            1. All good points. But I’d like to take some liberties if I may and insert a bit of reality here. Serial killers do exist and they do dump bodies on the sides of roads. I can see marking up a percentage we can pull out of our asses to the lost and wandering who simply succumbed to cold and hunger or suicide but beyond that lies a solid percentage of people who’ve likely met foul play.

              Men are more 3x likely to be murdered than women so I’m willing to bet if we were wizards and could read bone data with a crystal a smaller percentage would tend to be female so I definitely concur with you there though with a caveat. It isn’t just culturally significant that women have less muscular capability to protect themselves than the average man. It’s actually proven by biology. I’m agreeing with you in what I’d like to believe is a clever way.

            2. Didn’t think of that. The size of the area plays a role.

              1. Not necessarily. One thousand human remains across 2500 linear miles is still very significant no matter how you slice it. Human remains in modern times tend to be buried quite specifically and not on the sides of interstate highways.

                1. The RCMP seem to think it matters.

                2. One thousand human remains… no matter how you slice it.

                  Grimly appropriate even if unintentional.

      2. And I love the estimate of the “profits”. Do they have a P&L statement? Does it include feeding the waifs? Buying them cute undies at VS?
        I mean, the overhead’ll kill ya!

        1. The birth control just got a lot cheaper.

    2. I’ve had an interest in the macabre and tragic since my youth and have studied it off and on for the last 20 years. One thing that strikes me about violence and death is the worldly woman aspect. What I mean is in many cases when the woman puts herself in dangerous situations either through drug-use or sex work and she meets some sort of foul play she automatically seems to slip a few notches in the attention-span of your run-of-the-mill cop or detective.

      Clearly, if you are a prostitute and you’ve been killed and your carcass has been thrown into the bushes on the side of a lonely road you better fucking hope someone makes some noise (through the media or eight of your sisters have met the same fate within the last 3 years) or your bones will rot into dust before law enforcement gives a shit.

  17. I had this book in my hands today and wasn’t sure if I should buy it. Now I’m regretting it. Instead, I was suckered into buying a book by a local guy – albeit an interesting one. I couldn’t say no. I’m bad that way.…..1620402777


    I found this interesting. America has Gore, we have Suzuki.

  19. What happened to sports writing in this country? I vaguely remember that in my childhood you actually had to be able to write complete sentences in order to write about sports.

    John Lardner was a truly exceptional writer who chose to write about sports and sportsmen.

    1. Gay Talese, Tom Wolfe, and Hunter S. Thompson all wrote about sports.

      I can’t think of a great writer today who does anything with sports writing.

      George Will wrote some baseball articles, but he’s not as good a writer as the other people listed.

      1. Back in the late 90s I picked up ‘The Best American Sports Writing of the Century’ by Dan Halberstam, ed.

        The articles/stories that stood out for me were Wolfe’s ‘The Last American Hero,’ Kempton’s ‘Sal Maglie…A Gracious Man’ Schapp’s ‘Lone Wolf of Tennis.

        But all the essays in the book were outstanding including some from Plimpton, Thompson, Boswell and Red Smith.

        1. I came to check the thread and noticed a boo-boo – David Halberstam.

          Also, there’s a Lardner essay in this book.

    2. This got me thinking of great sports writing.

      Death of a Racehorse is amazing.

      Silent Season of a Hero is stupendous too.

    3. If you’ve never read “The Fight” by Norman Mailer

      …its worth it.

      Its the Ali-Foreman ‘rumble in the jungle’ fight (aka ‘when we were kings, etc) that has been so copiously covered. the book adds some real interesting angles to the scene. I know Plimpton and H.S.Thompson were also there (they get very drunk together in multiple sections) but I’ve never read their accounts… which I think were in magazines (Esquire? Rolling Stone? dunno)

  20. If you ever come across a copy of

  21. I seem to have (surprise!) fucked up my italics tag.

    If you ever come across a copy of It Beats Working or Strong Cigars and Lovely Women, by Lardner, grab it.

    1. HTML stolen by Italics!

  22. I hadn’t noticed until recently… but when they incarcerate males (*who’ve previously procreated) for growing/possessing ‘too much’ of the Devil Weed, do they also ensure to call them “Fathers” of X number of little snowflakes, noting that their excessive incarceration is certain to destroy the lives of the now fatherless little bumpkins?

    Or are they just called *drug dealers*, and tossed in the clink with a note that ‘Getting these scum off the streets’ is improving society? Because I note a particular emphasis placed on the Parenthood Achievements of this particularly persecuted member of society… which I would never expect in our completely *gender neutral* media…

    1. Interesting article on gender and cannabis:…..s-movement

      It’s at least heartening to note at the end of the article that the majority of the feminists were pro-legalization.

  23. Since this fucking comments sections has talked about sports/murder and everything else under the sun I’d like to present a documentary recommendation.

    A fellow searching for meaning through what he believes is his ticket is what I’d call it and it’s worth a watch in my view.

  24. In an entirely unrelated case of “Shitty Parenting and Police”

    TN couple punishes 5yr old child for stealing soda, makes her drink 2L bottle of soda and water

    she dies from excessive fluid intake.

    horrible, tragic, sad.

    Then, you read the comments to the story =…..ef=edition

    The *nice* ones think “Redneck scum like this should be castrated” and other Tolerant Open-Minded Liberal Views. Oh, they also blame ‘homeschooling’ and ‘a failure to pay taxes’, being republican, and the only area of disagreement is the nature of the manner in which the parents should be publically executed.

    If you think this represents a “low” in public discourse? Oh, THINK AGAIN. I grant the prize for absolute progressive-tone-deaf-political-insanity to the following…

    Julia Cox
    ? 8 hours ago
    I was a little relieved when I saw that the family was white.

    This is from a white person.

    Please understand her meaning here = in the midst of screaming for the death of these republican child abusers… there was a brief moment where she worried….

    “Oh….shit….wait…. WHAT IF THEY’RE BLACK?? SHIT! REVERSE THINKINGS NOW! They lack education and Parenting resources! This is why we need universal pre-school!!… Oh, shit, PHEW! They’re White! – Sorry! – KILL THE REDNECK SCUM!!!”

    I also note = she had her doubts that “they might be black because…

    GRAPE Soda.

    1. Runner up for the prize was the person who managed to squeeze an ‘environmental’ angle in there too, because you know, OIL! and Global Warmins have something to do with… parenting, and soda and something…

      ? 8 hours ago
      With an over population, a danger of depletion of natural resources and millions of people on welfare, it makes sense to make irresponsible procreation illegal. People should be required to achieve a certain aptitude, prove to be responsible and financial stability before they are allowed to have children.


    2. When did hating rednecks make one a liberal? I don’t believe unions or the minimum wage law should exist and i’m pro-NAFTA AND I hate rednecks.

      Oh wait rednecks tend to be against NAFTA because they’re xenophobic and believe in a bunch of conspiracy theories, and most Republicans think unions are legitimate. They’re just selective in what they support and get accused of being anti-union by liberals who use them as super PACs just because they support right-to-work laws.

      1. Man. Who the FUCK makes a blanket statement like ‘I hate rednecks’? I cannot take you seriously. I get an overall distaste, distrust, or general antipathy toward SOME in a localization but ALL?

        1. I grew up around them and still live around them.

          1. I’m sure they LOVE you. For your *brains*

            As the child of rednecks, I assure you, they are not impressed either.

            1. My dad’s still pretty much a redneck. Persuading him to abandon his religious views (though I still don’t think he’s an atheist) helped tremendously but he still has a ways to go.

          2. You don’t live around ALL rednecks, bro. You live around SOME. I’ve met a few rednecks who could teach progressives a thing or two about American liberty with patience and conviction and an open-mindedness that would make a gay man weep.

            1. By “American liberty” do you mean free-markets and civil liberties (which i’m all for) or militia craziness? I can’t stand these people who think anyone that isn’t a survivalist is brainwashed by government.

              1. I don’t understand the term ‘militia craziness’. What is that? I do grasp the extremes of the apocalyptic types but they are still entitled to live as they choose whether I think they are silly or not.

                1. People who constantly go on about “feeding the tree of liberty with blood”. They speak of an upcoming “race war” and other crazy domestic war ideas. Yeah there will be some rioting when the dollar collapses but it’s nothing we haven’t seen in Europe. Oh and the “NORF MURICAN UNION!!!!111” and “dey terk er jerbs bild a fince!!1” while showing off some flame throwing fire hazard made out of lead, pvc and beer cans.

                  I didn’t say people shouldn’t have the legal right to live in the wilderness and host radio shows while wearing foil hats.

            2. that would make a gay man weep.

              So do gay rednecks make themselves weep?

              I haz a confused about the relationship here.

              1. Gay rednecks ARE the tear in the beer in the back-country bar, bro.

                1. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds profound.

                  1. It is.

      2. You really blend “lack of reading aptitude” with “crazy blend of dissociative-thinking” in a unique, if utter un-entertaining, way.

        1. I’m a graphic designer not an entertainer.

          I’ve read the comments and alot of them are bitching at Reason. Not all but alot.

          1. EDITED:

            “You really blend “lack of reading aptitude” with “crazy blend of dissociative-thinking” in a unique, if utter un-entertaining, punishingly boring way.”

            1. Psychopaths are easily bored so I understand why you feel that way.

  25. Alot of people here cheering on the government just because she had already been caught once. Would the opinions be the same if it was over someone losing their kids over being caught with raw milk or assault rifles more than once? If you tell me that “those are different” then you’re no different than the drug warriors who claim the reason that alcohol is legal while pot isn’t is because alcohol is simply “different” or “part of the culture”. Never mind that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson smoked pot. “Oh but today’s pot is sooooooo much stronger” yeah and milk now has chocolate in it.

    1. Alot of people here cheering on the government just because she had already been caught once.

      That was not my argument. My argument was that I’ve heard that she left razor blades and syringes lying around, as well as leaving spoons with heroin residue within reach of her children.

      I don’t know if this is true because I can’t find an article that isn’t tremendously biased. If it is true then this is straightforward child endangerment and has nothing to do with weed.

      1. And how many people are pointing out the supposed razor blades and syringes? No she just deserved it and Reason is simply pushing the Satanic illuminati’s agenda of turning first graders into atheist BPA-soaked pot smoking hermaphrodites /SARCASM

          1. /DEA troll

        1. This Reason article doesn’t say she deserved it at all.

          Your assertion is completely insane. You don’t happen to have a newsletter I could subscribe to do you?

          1. Obviously I was talking about commenters. Either learn to read or get off you high horse.

            1. *your high horse

    2. “CentristClassicalLiberal|2.8.14 @ 9:03PM|#

      Alot of people here cheering on the government…


      I think you’re lost. Go that way (points)

      1. Then explain all of the comments that go something like “she did it more than once blah blah blah”.

        1. … no, the OTHER way.
          (throws tennis ball down street)

        2. I get your frustration. The state is a dictator. They are allowed to take kids because of policies written by PHD’s in the drug war who believe that parents are destroying their offspring through behavior that is not state-sanctioned.

          BUT, on the other hand there is something called rational appraisal and common sense. If you’ve been accosted by the state once for breaking their rules you need to reconsider HOW to go about resisting their tyranny without displacing your kids.

          1. Once again replace drugs with raw milk or assault rifles.

            And I actually think some kids should be taken from their parents, but that’s only in extreme cases like with methheads and nuts who have never let their kids see daylight.

            1. Listen, I agree with you and it is utterly insane this thing called tyrant policy where brutes come in and are legally allowed to fuck families over.

              But, let’s say you have children. They need mom and dad. Are you as likely to challenge tyranny?

              1. Once again, replace weed with raw milk or drugs. Would more people here be standing up for her then? I think so.

    3. There’s little, if any, cheering going on besides the fuck above that LOL’d. The fact is there is something called fucking common sense. And even systems-rejecting anti-drug-war types will live far more satisfying and productive lives utilizing their goddamn intelligence by resisting tyranny legally and circumspectly, especially when one is raising a family.

      1. I don’t negotiate with terrorist that take my children hostage.

  26. Ugh. Agile Cyborg shitting all over the threads again.

    1. Glub glub gurggle gurggle sploosh sploosh… ahhhhhhhhhh. thx Dobz.

  27. It’s stories like this that make the drug war a “Crime Against Humanity”.

  28. It’s stories like this that make the drug war a “Crime Against Humanity”.

  29. When do those bastard cops get put in jail for child endangerment?

  30. Yeah, how dare she not bow down and submit to the state in perpetuity.

  31. My understand you do the time for the crime. But coouldnt the judge have put her on house arrest to keep her around her kids.

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