Buy American Pot!


Originally released in November 2009, "Buy American Pot" is a special message from the American Marijuana Growers Association, a group of pot-growing Americans dedicated to keeping pot illegal and profits high.

The original text is here:

We all know that a lot of people are harmed by prohibition, but who benefits? Strangely enough, some of the biggest beneficiaries are the bootleggers. Sure, they take a big risk, but black marketeers don't have to pay taxes, they're protected from foreign competition, and they benefit from artificially inflated prices. Talk about protectionism.

What kind of message would an honest American Marijuana Growers Association have for us? "Thank you for your support of marijuana prohibition and buy American pot!"

"Buy American Pot" PSA was produced by Paul Feine, Alex Manning, and Hawk Jensen. Approximately 1.15 minutes.

NEXT: Mother of Three Goes to Jail for Growing Medical Pot

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  1. Buzzfeed lists the “worst” individual persons from each state.

    But as Radley Balko pointed out on Twitter, it lists the executed Cameron Todd Willingham as the worst person from Oklahoma even though he more than likely was not guilty.

    1. Really? Aaron Burr is the worst person from New Jersey?

      He founded Tammany Hall. He whacked Alexander Hamilton, which, though a Bad Thing, can’t possibly be the worst murder in New Jersey’s history.

      As for the treason charges, a jury rejected them.

      1. They colored him blue for traitor. I guess Buzzfeed knows better than the jury.

        1. Burr was involved in some sketchy plans involving building some sort of private empire in the west, but there was never any hard or convincing evidence that he took any action to implement them. The absence of two credible witnesses meant that, per the Constitution, no treason conviction could be made.

          In any case, being an asshole and killing one person is hardly notable by Jersey standards. My pick would be Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski who killed scores of people for the mob.

          1. Ooh, check out Murderpedia’s New Jersey page:


          2. Funny how none of you mention the role of your beloved slaveholder TJ in the blatantly unconstitutional railroading of Burr.

            You guys act like the Founding Fathers shit marble, but one by one they showed themselves to be uninterested in preserving the constitutional ideal once they actually had power.

            1. You raise some very interesting points. Have you considered fucking yourself?

            2. Yeah. Better ignore their ideas because of their personal characteristics.

              Textbook ad hominem.


              1. It’s not even ad hominem so much as it’s showing his preferences for Principals over Principles.

            3. You guys act like the Founding Fathers shit marble, but one by one they showed themselves to be uninterested in preserving the constitutional ideal once they actually had power.

              Yeah, how dare we admire the Founding Fathers for accomplishing one of the greatest feats in modern history in overthrowing British rule? We should all be like Tulpa and make total assholes of ourselves for the sake of being contrarian!

              Of course admiration does not mean acting like they were beyond reproach. Jefferson was an advocate of a strong executive branch checked by Congress and constrained by the limits of the Constitution.

              He felt the judiciary was too unaccountable and isolated to be trusted to wisely adjudicate Constitutional issues. And wouldn’t you know it, subsequent history has shown that there is indeed validity to that point of view.

              But in any case, his faults and missteps as president do not in any way change the fact that he wrote what is perhaps the most magnificent document in world history with the Declaration and fought for a Bill of Rights.

            4. Tulpa’s gotta Tulpa.

      2. He whacked Alexander Hamilton

        For this he should be considered a hero. Alexander Hamilton, father of statism.

        1. Do you want to send all statists to the gas chamber, or are you thinking more like public firing ranges to set an example?

          1. Rembrandt color rebel asphyxiation, hornet kaleidoscope manager about incandescent uses.

          2. Stopping those who use force to impose their will on others requires force!

            Liberty, as in allowing people to live their lives without having others impose their will upon them by force, requires force!

            Liberty is tyranny!

          3. Carbon steel requires some source of carbon. Why spend money on those expensive graphite cylinders when there is so much useless organic material laying around?

      3. Killing Hamilton is the greatest service Aaron Burr ever did for his country, although it would have been a great deal better if he’d done it at least a decade earlier.


    2. Meh, I dunno about this. The Zodiac killer, for instance, is pretty weak sauce compared to many other California serial killers. Leonard Lake and Charles Ng come to mind, as does the Dating Game Killer.

      1. Also, I don’t know if you can really say Lee Harvey Oswald is really worse than Ronald Dominique, for example.

        Following his arrest on December 1, 2006, Dominique confessed to the rape and murder of at least 23 men over a ten-year period beginning in 1997, in Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, Iberville Parish and Jefferson Parish in suburban New Orleans.[1][2] In his confession, Dominique, who is reportedly gay, said he frequented area gay bars and targeted men he thought would be willing to have sex for money. His reason for murdering these men was to avoid prison. Having raped the men he thought it would be better to kill them than have them report the assault to police. He was charged with multiple cases of rape and first-degree murder.[1][2]

        This list seems to just be about fame.

      2. Don’t understand the one from KY.

        Donald Harvey isn’t from KY, and only about 1/3 of his murders were committed here. He wasn’t arrested or even suspected of anything here, and currently resides in an Ohio prison.

        1. From Wikipedia:

          …killing the other, Todd Gambino, by putting arsenic in his pie. He knew how much Todd loved his pie.


    3. But as Radley Balko pointed out on Twitter, it lists the executed Cameron Todd Willingham as the worst person from Oklahoma even though he more than likely was not guilty.

      Was the h/t to Balko there when you posted this?

      1. No. But earlier one of the Buzzfeed editors gracefully acknowledged Balko’s correction and promised to note it.

    4. If Im not the worst person from Ohio then that list is a lie.

      1. True. And they don’t have Epi down for Washington, nor Nicole for Illinois.

  2. Social liberals gone wild!

    “Stripped to the waist and yelling “abortion is sacred,” five activists from feminist group Femen confronted Cardinal Antonio Mar?a Rouco Varela, head of Spain’s bishops, on his way to hold Mass on Sunday.

    “The anti-abortion protestors also hurled several pairs of red-dyed panties at the conservative archbishop of Madrid as he got out of his car and tried to make his way into a church in the city center at around 8pm.”…..01598.html

    1. “anti-abortion” should have a [sic] after it. They’re choicers.

    2. Yeesh, at least for the cardinal seeing those girls topless will make him value his celibacy.


        They’re not all that bad.

    3. Liberalism/libertarianism is just beginning a long ascendancy to unseat the Dark Ages of conservatism.

      Choicers, porners, pro-gays, freaks, druggies, pro-science/stem cellers, euthanasia supporters, secularists, humanists, pro-prostitution fucks, – all on the good side of history from now on.

      I feel like the Gawdly Noodle has finally shone us the light.

      1. OK, Tony, you’ve persuaded me – liberalism is the party of panty-throwing exhibitionists. Let the hosts of conservatism tremble.

        1. Wait, are you Tony or not?

          1. I am Shrike – King of the Peanuts!

        2. What’s so bad about doing in public what you guys do in private to your sisters?

          1. Elitist mesmerizing alarm clock English zoomed aboriginal.

              1. Oh good, you’ve been diagnosed.

  3. Paging ‘Merkin to tell us how Mexican weed is a perversion of the American Way!

  4. Anyone remember Laraine Newman leading the Not Ready for Primetime Players in a rousing round of “Look For The Union Label when buying keys and lids”? I’ve seen lots of SNL rebroadcasts over the years but that one didn’t seem to make it to the “best of” series.

    … Hobbit

  5. Lay off the paint thinner, Shreeek.

  6. Finally… a marijuana thread. Haven’t seen one of those in a while.

        1. How’s Lou Reed doing today?

    1. Haven’t seen you on a weekday in a while.

      I wonder why… actually, I don’t.

  7. How’s the weather up there on that cross, Tulpa?

  8. Huckabee 15%
    Christie 12.8%
    Ryan 12.4
    Bush 12.2
    Paul 11.4
    Rubio 8.4
    Jindal 8.4
    Walker 5.3

    Real Clear Politics poll average.

    It is a horse race!

  9. More Limpiks!
    The French, they are connived against! They will not STAND for this! Strong letter to follow!
    “The French publication L’Equipe is reporting that a Russian coach, speaking anonymously, has said the United States and Russian judges have colluded to aid each others’ teams.”…..g-scandal/

    1. I’m watching the ski jumping for the first time ever. You would think that they would just measure the distance, and there would be a clear winner. But no, they have subjective “Style Points” awarded by judges. WTF?

      1. …”But no, they have subjective “Style Points” awarded by judges. WTF?”

        So do they also score extra points for family illnesses during childhood? Better dental hygiene?
        At the risk of scoring grouchy-old-fart points, that’s pathetic.

      2. Why can’t ski jumping be the second aspect of the biathlon? Only instead of a rifle, it’s a pistol and the gun must be drawn, fired, and re-holstered while in the air.

        1. “Only instead of a rifle, it’s a pistol and the gun must be drawn, fired, and re-holstered while in the air.”

          I LIKE that! And the target is, oh, 1′ to the side of Bob Costas, so he can judge the shots!

          1. That would be one of history’s pivotal experiments.

            1. “Felix is approaching the starting gate. Folks, marksmanship hasn’t been one of Felix’s greatest skills in the new Biathalon format, but he’s compensated by having a sister with cancer while he was training!
              And there he goes, reaching now for the pistol and……..”

      3. +10 Old Fart points.

        1. Will they buy me some decent bourbon?

          1. I say just shoplift it. If you get caught, just pretend you are senile. You’ll get away with it.

            1. “pretend”?

      4. To my way of thinking, subjective judged “sports” shouldn’t count. 0-60? Sport. Ice dancing? Not sport.

        … Hobbit

  10. Does she have a calendar I can hang in my office, Reason?

    Also, where IS the Reason bikini calendar for fuck’s sake? I’d buy it.

    1. You wanna see Nick in a bikini?!

      1. I said SHE, fucker. Though my bisexual tendencies ARE wont to fantasize…

    2. Agile, imagine this… Nicky G in his jet-black mop and leather armor presents this idea at the next Reason meeting. The attendees abject and decline Agile’s idea no matter how optimistically presented by Gillespie. Loudly. “The feminists and womenz in pronz and Libertarian male-onliness!” Fine. Make a slutty Reason male bikini calendar. I’ll buy the fucker for the wife and that’ll shut up the whining labia-bearing objectivists.

    3. Also, where IS the Reason bikini calendar for fuck’s sake?

      It was the same Lobster Girl picture for every month. It sold out in four minutes.

      1. After the Rock Lobster pic it sold out, you mean, Cheney. 😉

  11. I always just assumed that most of the pot I consumed was grown within one mile of where I reside. Because it did.

  12. Since Insane Clown Posse’s, er, posse, is no longer welcome at Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, for the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, they needed to find a home. Mission accomplished.

    The next Gathering will be held at CryBaby Campground in Kaiser, Missouri

    1. Archduke von Pantsfan|2.8.14 @ 9:37PM|#
      “Since Insane Clown Posse’s, er, posse, is no longer welcome at Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, for the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, they needed to find a home.”

      Not sure, but it looks like one of F-d-A’s responses to Tony.

    2. Criminal street gangs are ruining ‘Merika, according to the tyrant acronyms.

  13. What a beauty!

    I just wish that blonde would move out of the way so I could get a better view.


    Is Iran really that stupid?

    Their fleet could be sunk before they even realize they were under attack.

    I would think with their links with terrorists they would know how asymmetrical warfare works.

    Then again maybe they just have a really dumb military or political wing that just does not understand how outmatched they are.

    1. Totalitarian regimes hate superpowers which is why they like to play political chess with them.

      1. play political chess with them.

        There is no political play here. Who is the audience of ships out in the middle of the ocean. The Iranian fleet is no threat to anyone but themselves.

        Not even civilians can die in their destruction so no sympathetic media to record innocent bloody screaming children.

  15. US BOBSLEIGH star Johnny Quinn used his muscle for a different purpose on Saturday – to escape from a bathroom at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

    1. He also escaped from fuzzy handcuffs and a human pony harness from a hotel outside Gary, Indiana a few years ago. Midgets were seen streaming from his hotel room at odd hours.

  16. I’m pretty sure they got Oklahoma wrong.

  17. The Midwest really shines here. Dahmer, Gacy, Manson, Jim Jones, and then some Eileen Wuornos to mix it up a little. I’m surprised there are any of us left at all.

    The rest of the states are pikers in comparison. Presidential assassins hardly count; it’s like winning the World Cup once.

    1. You forgot about Albert Fish. His documentary includes some real stomach-churning zingers which I wouldn’t recommend watching over a stacked sub sandwich. It’s rare I feel that I want to retch even after a blizzard of stout but Jesus Christ the man was fucked.

      Also you forgot BTK.

  18. All these states are legalizing marijuana, because the GOP is scared of libertarians, and they have the idea that once marijuana is legalized, then all libertarians will be too high to be any longer a threat.


    1. And that’s the reason why that at least 3 republicans in the country are for legalization and that 0 of the 3 will publically admit to it.

      1. To be fair a Democrat is the one who created the drug policy under Nixon and Ford. His name is Robert DuPont.

        1. I didn’t say that any Democrats honestly support legalization, either.

          If I have to make a choice as the the worst party, I would have to say that it’s the Dems, because they don’t have any Rand Pauls or Thomas Massies, or Justin Amash.

          Both of our currently fascist parties are equally guilty of the drug war. All you have to say is ‘for the children’, and they will vote for anything.

          1. I would have to say that it’s the Dems, because they don’t have any Rand Pauls or Thomas Massies, or Justin Amash.

            Can I just say how wonderful it is that 2 of those 3 guys are from KY? I wouldn’t suggest hat we’re on the verge of full-blown liberty here in KY, but there are certainly a lot of liberty minded people.

            It’s also nice that Paul was elected despite the papers in the two largest cities in the state blasting him at every turn.

  19. Dude knows which way is up that is for sure.

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