White House Reportedly Goes on Lockdown for a Fence Jumper

President not in town


alleged fence jumper

A Friday afternoon lockdown at the White House to illustrate how deep into post-9/11 security theater/paranoia territory we are. An NBC News alert:

Editor's note: NBC News is reporting the White House is on lockdown; a Secret Service official says a person attempted to climb fence. We're watching for additional confirmation—Stephanie

CNN reports Secret Service saying they already have someone in custody and are checking his bag. President Obama is not at the White House. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but multiple outlets report a "lockdown" in the building.

Last year, Capitol Hill went on "lockdown" after Miriam Carey allegedly tried to drive through a security checkpoint at the White House. She was fatally shot after a chase by Secret Service, and her family is now suing.