Civil Liberties

Tonight on The Independents: Go "Off the Grid" With Bitcoin, Anti-NSA Tech, Preppers, Urban Survivalists, Digital Detoxers, Honduran Free Cities, and More!


Olympics, shmolympics: The Independents is coming at you at 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT on Fox Business Network, and you should totally watch it, or DVR it, or watch the repeats at midnight and over the weekend, if you are into things like Bitcoin, evading the National Security Agency, creating alternatives to the nation-state, and/or digging 140-foot tunnels in your yard because of the financial crisis.

The "Off the Grid" theme show starts with urban survivalist Shane Hobel showing off which tools and gadgets (and mental checklists) are most useful for various bug-out or bug-in scenarios, should disaster of any stripe strike. Next, Brickhouse Security founder/CEO Todd Morris tells you what (little) you can do to lessen your digital footprint while still using your beloved devices in this era of near-panopticon surveillance. contributor Naomi Brockwell then explains the alluring and mysterious world of Bitcoin. Speaking of which, why don't you watch her two recent videos right the hell now?

Doomsday Preppers subject Chad Hudspeth then comes on to explain the joys and motivations of building tunnels and elaborate hydroponic systems in your desert compound. Michael Strong, often featured in Reason's pages, talks about the latest (promising) developments in the long-gestating effort to build a "Free Cities" project in Honduras. Levi Felix (if that is his real name) will then explain the comedy, science, and romance behind his "Digital Detox" camps, and as you might expect the episode also covers subjects like the Juggalos, alien invaders, and centrist paranoia toward the fringes.

Again, that's 9 pm ET, repeating at midnight, and you can send your survival tweets to @IndependentsFBN.