Georgia Lawmakers Look to Ruin Ride-Sharing Services

Taxi industry protectionism in the Peach State


State Rep. Alan Powell (R-Hartwell) has introduced a measure, HB 907, that could effectively shutdown Uber and Lyft in Georgia, insulating the taxicab and limousine industries from competition, despite an antiquated business model.

The filing of such a measure was all but telegraphed, much like it has been in other areas of the country. Just last week, Thomas Wheatley noted that the taxi and limousine industries in Atlanta has declared war on the app-based transportation services and want to "level the playing field."

So, rather than asking the legislature to lessen its regulatory burden and compliance costs, the reaction taxi and limousine industries to Uber and Lyft is: "ZOMG! REGULATE THEM NOW!!! Yay, protectionism!" Or something.

Anti-market politicians and regulators in other areas of the country have been gunning for Uber, Lyft, and other app-based car services. In most instances, these busybodies are trying to protect a favored industry. Because, you know, cronyism.

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  1. If you want to know why unemployment and poverty are increasing just point to this luddite.

    In Nashville, TN, a couple of years ago a limo company wanted to offer rides from the airport for $25. The City cab overseers forced through a MINIMUM price of $45, which effectively put them out of business. This was nothing more than protectionism for the existing companies. Just last month, the light bulb went off, and they reduced the minimum fare to $9.25. The major reason is they opened a large new convention center in downtown and they don’t have enough cabs to shuttle all of the new tourists around. Also, Lyft & Uber have set up shop here.

    When politicians introduce these type of job killing bills we need to hammer them with why to you want to increase unemployment? Why do you want to keep people in poverty?

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