Unfavorable Views of Obamacare Grow Amongst the Uninsured


In mid-December I wrote about Obamacare's dismal poll numbers amongst the uninsured. At that point, there was still some possibility that the poor showing amongst those without insurance was just a lagging indicator of frustrating with the federal exchange website, which was essentially non-functional during October and November.

Now it's the end of January. The biggest problems with the federal exchange have been bandaged for almost two months. And yet the latest monthly tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that opposition to the law amongst the uninsured has actually increased since December. The survey reports that 47 percent of say they have an unfavorable view of the law, up from 43 percent in December. Just 24 percent say they favor the health law, down from 36 percent in November and December.

Here's the chart:

Kaiser Family Foundation

This is the group of people the law was, in theory, supposed to benefit most. And yet even as the most prominent benefits start to kick in, their support is dropping. It's possible, of course, that this could turn around at any time. But it's not a very good sign for the future popularity of the law.