Maryland Mall Shooter Identified

Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19


(CNN) — [Breaking News Update 9:43 a.m.]

The gunman in the killings of two workers Saturday at a Maryland mall has been identified as Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19, Howard County Police Chief Bill McMahon said Sunday.

[Previous story published 4:25 a.m.]

A gunman carrying "a large amount of ammunition" and apparent makeshift explosives killed two workers at a busy Columbia, Maryland, mall before turning a shotgun on himself, police said.

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  1. With the name Aguilar and still no photos released to the public yet, it’s almost guaranteed that the kid was a dark-skinned Latino, and probably a typical wannabe gang-banger thug type.

    I knew the dude wasn’t white when after several hours they revealed that the shooter was male, but wouldn’t describe him further.

    Mike M.’s Rule #1 regarding law enforcement and media coverage of mass shootings and other horrible crimes: the longer they hide the details regarding the perpetrator, the more certain it becomes that it isn’t a white guy.

    1. You predicted it, and nailed it, Mike. Not that I doubted it.

      Good thing neither the store manager, Brianna Benlolo, nor Tyler Johnson had CCWs, or one of them might have shot Aguilar by accident.

  2. According to Wikipedia, the female victim was his ex-girlfriend and the male victim was her fiance.

  3. The NRA’s Latino outreach program has infiltrated the Hispanic community?

  4. Looks like an intrepid person on Twitter tracked down this little scumbag.

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