Police Responding to Shooting at Maryland Shopping Mall

Howard County Police Department confirms three dead


(CNN) — Authorities Saturday were investigating reports of an active shooter at a shopping mall in Columbia, Maryland.

There was no word on injuries but local scanner reports had authorities requesting multiple mass casualty units.

Images on Twitter reportedly from the scene showed mall employees hiding in a stock room.

The Howard County Fire Department on Twitter reported an active shooter situation at the Columbia Mall.

Both the Howard County police and fire departments were on the scene.

The fire department via Twitter advised people to avoid the area. CNN was first alerted to this story on Twitter.

Editor's note: According to Howard County Police's Twitter account three people are confirmed dead. 

Update (12:32pm ET): The Howard County Police Department has tweeted the following, "One deceased subject located near gun and ammunition. ID unknown."

Update (12:41pm ET): The Howard County Police Department tweets, "One subject dead is suspected shooter. No information about other victims yet."

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  1. You know, a little restraint from the media would be nice. Not every act of gun violence that happens to occur in a public place is a mass shooting.

    1. Try telling that to Reuters. Every single article concerning a firearm death contains the phrase “latest in a rash of gun attacks”.

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  3. It has been five hours since the shooting, the shooter is dead, and the cops refuse to divulge any information about him. That makes me suspect that it’s not a white guy.

    1. Makes more sense than me thinking they were worried the bad guy might learn something from their press releases!

      MD has a lot more gun laws than VA does. I wonder why the goblins won’t follow them?

    2. You nailed it, Mike!

      Not that I doubted that.

  4. I suppose about 2500 ‘roided up cops, that appeared to be military, performed one of those miraculous “lockdowns” and had all the sheeple standing about with their arms held high?

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