NBC's Todd and Gregory Lament White House's Relationship With the Press

Chuck Todd calls the relationship "controlling"


NBC's White House correspondent Chuck Todd and "Meet the Press" host David Gregory lamented the White House's approach to press relations on Friday morning, noting how obsessed the Obama administration is with leaks.

Speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Todd said the relationship is a very "controlling" one.

"Just very controlling, I mean, that's probably the best word to use, okay? And the thing is that I sort of look at this take the long view and I get it that every – I think every White House wants to control their own message and they want to control access and they want to decide what is news and what is not," Todd said. "But it is amazing to me this White House does get obsessed when something, quote, unquote, 'leaks.' They seem to be sometimes more worried about well, who did it, How did this get out? Rather than dealing with the story itself."