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Beware Pending Facebook Wall Share Titled 'OMG! Video Games Literally Make Kids High!'

Mario gives up mushrooms for Molly


I don't get it.
Credit: Andrea La Rosa / / CC BY-NC-ND

Top video game blog site Kotaku has taken note of an ecstasy/MDMA-based street drug making the rounds in Europe called "Nintendo," with pills even stamped with the company logo. It's been seen in Belgium.

For gamers, the news has resulted and lots and lots and lots of jokes about Mario and mushrooms and the old Nintendo Tetris-knockoff called Dr. Mario. Some Kotaku posters also joked about how selling the drug could be an actual revenue strategy by Nintendo, given that the company is not doing very well right now on the market with its most recent console.

Given the recent Smarties "scandal" it's worth nothing the existence of the drug variation in the event coverage spreads through the media and, as inevitably as the telephone game, morphs into somebody half-reading something and trying to claim that Nintendo itself is trying to turn little kids onto drugs. After all, that's what some people say about Walt Disney. (Warning: previous link is like a TV Tropes site for conspiracies and you may never, ever escape, especially when you get to the one about Beyonce being possessed by a demon named Sasha Fierce during her 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.)


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  1. …the one about Beyonce being possessed by a demon named Sasha Fierce during her 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.

    That’s worse than the time Garth Brooks gave himself over to the demon Chris Gaines! (Or was it the other way around?)

  2. Beyonce being possessed by a demon named Sasha Fierce during her 2013 Super Bowl halftime show

    I think the demon was named ‘I got no talent’.

  3. Wait a minute… I posted that comment on the other thread, and it showed up here. And I am assuming the same thing happened to FOE.

    Are the squirrels back?

    1. Damnit! I am totally confused, never mind. I got confused because the nintendo drug scare story is the same one as Beyonce Demons.

  4. God DAMNIT! That’s the second [awesome] link I never should have [not] clicked.

    It’s down the rabbit hole for me, but first, this:

    7.Justina wrote on 04/10/2011 05:48 PM

    Wow!!!! I thought i had it all figured out just by listening to demonic music! I have heard of sponge bob and differnt shows on disney and nicklodeon being very santanic! But honestly I missed the snow white titlein that order form. But now I see and I just want to say thanks for the wake up call! I am going to pay closer attention to EVERYTHING!

    8.Donella Kulinski wrote on 07/09/2011 08:45 PM

    My brother suggested I could like this site. He was entirely ideal. This post genuinely produced my day. You’ll be able to not envision just how much time I had spent for this facts! Thanks!

    1. I’m suing you for attempted brain damage.

    2. I had to turn away quickly to avoid being sucked in. That site is like a parody of a parody. It is so over-the-top ridiculous that it takes a while to sink in that they are being serious.

  5. Nintendo itself is trying to turn little kids onto drugs

    Am I the only one who at 1st read that as, “Nintendo itself is trying to turn little kids into drugs”?

  6. What the fuck did I just read?

  7. Sounds like some serious business.

  8. Sasha Fierce sounds like a porn star.

  9. I would hesitate to call Dr. Mario a Tetris ripoff. It was derivative, to be sure, but it was an excellent game in its own right.

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