Poll: 74 Percent Believe US Still in Recession, Obama Job Ratings at Record Lows

They voted for this disaster, twice


As President Obama starts his sixth year in office, his job ratings remain near record lows and more voters think his policies have hurt rather than helped the economy.  And even as voters continue to hold mostly negative views on the economy and the direction of the country, a new Fox News poll finds they see some improvement.

A third of voters say they like both Obama and his policies—a dramatic drop from 47 percent who felt that way in October 2012.  In addition, 62 percent now say they dislike the president's policies, up from 51 percent the month before his re-election.

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  1. “A 62-percent majority is dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today. Still, that’s also an improvement: 73 percent were dissatisfied in October 2013.”

    That’s because many voters are probably finding themselves agreeing – so they are smiling, yes. However, its more like a guy who was held hostage for decades, and suddenly finds an AK-47, ten grenades, and a chainsaw.

    So yes, more people are satisfied with the way things are going in this country. Just like more people were satisfied in France right before Marie Antoinette was given some dirt to bite with her cake. :3

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