Rohani Says Friendship Between Iran and the US is Possible

Made the comments during interview on Swiss television


Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Wednesday it was possible to turn more than three decades of enmity with the United States into friendship if both sides made an effort.

He was speaking in a Swiss television interview after arriving at the World Economic Forum in Davos where he will court the global business community and meet a series of oil company executives on Thursday.

Asked whether there could one day be a U.S. embassy again in Tehran instead of the Swiss embassy representing U.S. interests in Iran, the president told public RTS television: "No animosity lasts eternally, no friendship either lasts eternally. So we have to transform animosities into friendship."

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  3. “All friendships are temporary,” indeed!
    One should remember that Iran’s Constitution dedicates its military to “Jihad in the way of Allah.”
    One should remember that the Koran teaches that no Muslim should befriend an Infidel.
    One should remember that the recent Geneva Treaty regarding Iranian uranium enrichment, is only a temporary agreement, expiring in 6 months or so. And that it is already disputed, with Kerry claiming that it prevents enrichment, while President Rouhani tells his people that it allows uranium enrichment.
    One should note that former Iranian Presidential advisor, Mohammed Sadeq Al_Hosseini, speaking on Syrian TV in December of 2013, compared the Geneva Nuclear Treaty to the “Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.” Under the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, the prophet Mohammed made a ten year peace treaty with the pagan Meccans, but then invaded Mecca two years later.
    One should remember that the prophet Mohammed said “If I take an oath to do something and later I find something else better, then I do what is better and make expiation for my oath.” Bukhari 78:618

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