Christie Sworn In Amid Scandals, More Gay Marriage Lawsuits, Casinos Start Taking Bitcoins: P.M. Links


  • Not poker chips … yet.
    Credit: antanacoins / / CC BY-SA

    Gov. Chris Christie was sworn in today for his second term, which looks to be full of sunshine and happiness.

  • Utah is now being sued for refusing to recognize the gay marriages that were legally performed there after a judge struck down the state's ban but before a stay was put in place pending appeal. Meanwhile, some gay couples in Florida are suing to try to get the state's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages there struck down as well.
  • Republican Sen. David Vitter has announced he's running for governor of Louisiana.
  • In the latest example of how broken various trademark, copyright and intellectual property laws are, the makers of the video game Candy Crush Saga have managed to secure a trademark on the word "candy" in video game titles (and clothing). According to reports, Apple is enforcing the trademark claim on any apps in their stores.
  • Ezra Klein will be leaving the Washington Post to try to start his own news organization after the news company declined to bankroll his efforts.
  • Two Las Vegas casinos will start accepting bitcoins for some purchases, dining and their front desks, but apparently not for gambling yet.

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