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Joe McCarthy Would Be Proud: Surveillance State Functionary Rep. Mike Rogers Implies Snowden Is a Russian Spy


 Mike Rogers

Americans now know for a fact that the functionaries and enablers of the domestic surveillance state will tell bald-faced lies even in sworn testimony to members of Congress who are supposed to be overseeing their activities. On Sunday, one of the bigger enablers, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) the chair of the House Intelligence Committee implied on "Meet the Press" that National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is a Russian spy. Evidence for this deadly serious assertion? None whatsoever.

From Reuters:

"I believe there's a reason he ended up in the hands—the loving arms—of an FSB agent in Moscow. I don't think that's a coincidence," U.S. Representative Mike Rogers told the NBC program "Meet the Press," referring to the Russian intelligence agency that is a successor of the Soviet-era KGB….

"You think the Russians helped Ed Snowden?" NBC's David Gregory asked.

"I believe there are questions to be answered there," said Rogers.

Hmmm. Innuendo is a game that anyone can play. Let's see.

"I believe there's a reason Rep. Rogers ended up in the hands—the loving arms—of the NSA bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. I don't think that's a coincidence," say I at Reason.com, referring to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and his wife's involvement with multi-billion contracts to sell "security" services to government agencies.

Remember the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)? Before Edward Snowden made the extent of NSA domestic spying public, Rep. Rogers wrote up CISPA and the House of Represenatatives had passed it. The Electronic Frontier Foundantion explains that the CISPA bill…

…grants broad new powers, allowing companies to identify and obtain "threat information" by looking at your private information. It is written so broadly that it allows companies to hand over large swaths of personal information to the government with no judicial oversight—effectively creating a "cybersecurity" loophole in all existing privacy laws.

Is it just a coincidence that Rep. Rogers strongly favors CISPA? After all, his wife stands to benefit enormously from enabling further domestic spying by means of CISPA. Back in April, Techdirt looked into the Rogers' ties to cybersecurity firms that would benefit from the passage of CISPA:

Just last month, Rogers accidentally tweeted (and then deleted) a story about how CISPA supporters, like himself, had received 15 times more money from pro-CISPA group that the opposition had received from anti-CISPA groups….

At other times, he can't even keep his own story straight about whether or not CISPA is about giving information to the NSA (hint: it is).

Techdirt goes on to report that his wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers, now a big time "security" lobbyist, …

…was the president and CEO of Aegis LLC a "security" defense contractor company, whom she helped to secure a $10 billion (with a b) contract with the State Department.

And it would be entirely speculative to worry that NSA may be blackmailing Rep. Rogers using information about his personal and financial life. Is there any evidence for this speculation? No, but I believe there are questions to be answered there.

Rep. Rogers' scurrilous performance brings to mind the exasperated retort of Army Special Counsel Joseph N. Welch to Tail Gunner Joe during the notorious 1954 Army-McCarthy Hearings: "Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

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  1. At last we see left and right unambiguously united in their paranoid defense of the surveillance state and government credibility.

    And as others have pointed out, Mike Rogers is an idiot since Snowden was hounded from Hong Kong to Russia by the US and was unable to leave for fear of being arrested and extradited by countries the US leans on.

    1. Snowden is an idiot for running to Hong Kong and then Russia in the first place. He also wasn’t hounded from Hong Kong. Snowden chose to accept the offer from the Russians to come to Russia. He’s a guest of the dictator Putin.

      1. Slurp slurp slurp

        1. Is that the sound you make when you suck Saint Snowden’s dick?

            1. Slurp slurp slurp Gobble gobble yum yum slurp



  2. The burn is strong with Ronald Bailey.

    1. I was sure this was a Gillespie piece while I was reading it.

      Well done, Mr. Bailey.

      1. I was sure this was a Gillespie piece while I was reading it.

        Obviously not Gillespie. No jokes referencing body functions or double entendres.

  3. I believe there are questions to be answered concerning Rep. Mike Rogers’ possible predilection for pedophilia. Considering that the prevalence of pedophilia within the general population is currently unknown, there remains the statistical possibility that Rep. Mike Rogers is a pedophile. Rep. Mike Rogers as never denied being a pedophile, thus, there exists questions that have yet to be answered by Rep. Mike Rogers in a public forum concerning Rep. Mike Rogers’ possible predilection of pedophilia. Since questions concerning Congressmen’s possible predilections for pedophilia have been raised before, most notably Senator Robert Menendez’s possible pedophilia, and Rep. Mark Foley’s possible pedophilia.

    Therefore, Rep. Mike Rogers must answer the questions concerning his possible pedophilia. Rep. Mike Rogers’ continued silence on the issue must be interpreted as implicit admission of Rep. Mike Roger’s possible predilection for pedophilia.

    1. I would also like to ask some questions about his tendencies towards sheep fucking! The American people deserve some answers.

    2. +1 Mike Rogers = kid toucher.

  4. I believe there’s a reason Rep. Rogers ended up in the hands – the loving arms – of a large she-male prostitute. I believe there’s some questions to be answered there.

  5. My wife went to high school with Rep. Rogers, and he spoke at our son’s graduation at same HS last May. He was an EXCELLENT graduation speaker – funny as hell, self deprecating…..

    I even voted for him, once, back when I still voted.

    We noted during the graduation that, at some point in the last few years, he’s turned into an utter, insufferable statist, TEAM RED douche bag. Too bad…

    1. Well Snowden has compromised some of our foreign policy machinations, which our government can legitimately do.

      Rogers is looking out for our interests.

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        1. Does Saint Snowden like it when you twirl your pierced tongue
          around his bellend?

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              1. Oh James Clapper perjury in front of Congress makes my ass-cunt ooze with desire. I want your agency in me!

  6. As a Russian spy who is paid to goad libertarians into trying to overthrow the United States’ government, I have to say that I incredibly impressed Mr. Rogers figured out that Snowden is one of us.

    1. US?!
      We tossed your sorry butt out years ago.

      1. I demand a show trial and purge.

        1. I think is was attributed to Averell Harriman the claim that Stalin knew three words in English:
          Second Front

  7. “Americans now know for a fact that the functionaries and enablers of the domestic surveillance state will tell bald-faced lies even in sworn testimony to members of Congress who are supposed to be overseeing their activities.”

    Even if he was working with the Russians, at least he’s not a traitor to the Constitution!

    These horrible politicians, our president included, talking about what Snowden did while they themselves are STILL blatantly betraying the Fourth Amendment and the Constitution make me want to vomit.

    All of these politicians should be investigated for their part in violating the constitutional rights of millions of Americans.

    1. Followed by indictments and prison terms.

      1. NO! Not followed by prison, rather, followed by the punishment traditionally given to traitors, despots, and usurpers: execution. Personally, I would favor crucifixion along the major thoroughfares of D.C., so as to send an unambiguous message to any other wannabe tyrants that, in America, we take very seriously both our freedoms AND President Jefferson’s maxim that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
        Also, no spear in the side nor breaking of the legs to hasten death: let them suffer the full punishment of a slow, agonizing death, occurring over several days.
        Perhaps then the next crop of “public servants” would be less inclined to forget their place.

        1. Waste of good wood. Rope is cheaper and there are lots of convenient lamp p posts along Constitution Ave.

  8. Other than McCarthy having turned out to be right, neat comparison.

    1. He was right, by accident.
      Communism was nothing more than a made-up issue for him; he wouldn’t have known a communist if he tripped over one.
      And his tactics were sloppy enough that he ruined innocent lives in the process.

      1. Yes, indeed, he was sloppy and restless, but he had some good info. If he was just a hack inventing an issue, he would probably have eased off when his Republican Party took over the executive. But he kept going after Republican officials for having Reds on their payroll, and that’s what ruined him. If he’d been more of a cynical operative, he would have backed off once Truman was out of office.

        1. sloppy and reckless

        2. Gonna disagree.
          Richard Rovere(“Senator Joe McCarthy”) makes the claim that the entire process was cynical and McCarthy simply wouldn’t give up the limelight.
          And I’m pretty sure he never did find any commies outside of maybe Perez who was an army dentist.
          Nixon found some, but he kept his distance from McCarthy.

        3. “he kept going after Republican officials for having Reds on their payroll, and that’s what ruined him”

          That, and not letting silly things like evidence stand in the way of making accusations of treason and ruining people’s lives.

          I’m with Sevo, on this one – accuse everybody who gives you a dirty look and, sure, some of them are going to turn out to actually be spies. Doesn’t make McCarthy anything other than one of the lowest scumbugs in the industry.

  9. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with the punches.


  10. This criticism would be better if McCarthy wasn’t actually right and if Reason staff didn’t go on the official Russian state run propaganda channel every chance they get

    1. See comments just a bit above re: McCarthy.

    2. The Reason fellows who go on Putin’s RT are skanks.

      Snowden is only free because Putin wants him free. Snowden needs to come back to the U.S. and face the music.

  11. But McCarthy was right.

    1. He was REALLY right about when the reporters needed copy for the next issue.

  12. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on “Meet the Press” that Snowden “may well have” had help from Russia. “We don’t know at this stage,” Feinstein said.

    Moreover, Snowden may well have had help from the Senate Intelligence Committee. We don’t know at this stage.

    1. Or perhaps help from intergalactic life-forms! Or maybe mutant Dachshunds! We just don’t know yet.

      1. Snowden, a low-level technical contractor, out-spied the top spy agency in the world. He must have had help from…. extra-terrestrials! (History channel logic lessons paying off.)

  13. Innuendo is a game that anyone can play.

    Indeed, it’s Reason‘s stock and trade.
    Not that anyone here beats his wife.

    1. I would, but I am scared of her.

  14. Isn’t it odd that Snowden is in Russia though? He’s only free because Putin wants him free. Oh the irony.

    Don’t hero worship Snowden guys. He’s a fool and a dupe.

    1. “Don’t hero worship Snowden guys. He’s a fool and a dupe.”

      Sarc, right?

      1. Snowden is pretty fucking stupid.

    2. Hero or not, fool or not, dupe or not, he removed any doubt that we live in a digital panopticon. Now it’s up to us to decide whether to put up with the situation or try to do something about it.

      1. Fair enough, but something is funny about Snowden. I mean he’s the motherfucking guest of the dictator Putin.

        1. It still burns you that the guy who exposed the NSA for violating our freedoms is being protected by a state that is supposedly so much less free than ours.

          He ended up in Russia because every other country he tried to go to was too much under the thumb of the USA. Putin doesn’t need our approval, and loved the chance to stick it to us.

          1. Stupid, do you not get the irony and hypocrisy of Snowden only being free because a dictator wants him to be free?

            God damn some of you people are stupid.

        2. Nothing funny about it at all, toady.

    3. Snowden doesn’t fucking matter. Don’t you get it? Whatever other info he released, whatever else his motives were, he STILL exposed illegal and unconstitutional activities by the Executive branch. Activities that are very serious breaches of the law, and that directly threaten our freedom. Further, these transgressions are STILL not being addressed by Congress or the Courts, even after the official in charge of the NSA blatantly lied to Congress while under oath. The activities of these Stasi emulators can easily be shown to have the potential of transforming our country into a Statist dystopia.
      I could care less about Snowden; I care deeply about keeping the government in check and my nation free.

    4. If Russia was helping him out, then why didn’t he just straight to Russia? Seems pretty stupid of him to head to Hong Kong first and try to get asylum there. Or was that just part of his master plan to shake Rep. Rogers from his trail?

    5. You keep saying that but it doesn’t really mean anything.

      He is also free because Hong Kong let him go on a technicality that the idiots in the US got his name wrong. Must be because the Chinese wanted to let him go! Or maybe he hasn’t been droned yet because the US wants him alive!

      So what if Putin wants him free? Why should we care what Putin does or does not want?

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