Edward Snowden

House Intelligence Chair: Russia May Have Helped Edward Snowden on NSA Revelations

What's the smell?


Russia may have helped the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden to reveal details of surveillance programmes and escape US authorities last year, the chairman of the House intelligence committee claimed on Sunday.

Mike Rogers, a Republican representative from Michigan, interviewed by NBC's Meet the Press, said Snowden was "a thief whom we believe had some help", and added that there was an "ongoing" investigation into whether Russia had aided Snowden.

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  1. Regardless of whether or not this is true, people should stop lionizing Snowden. He’s a fool who lacks character. He shouldn’t be put on a pedestal by anyone. Find better people to hero worship folks.

    1. Snowden is a hero, and you are an ignoramus.

  2. He’s ten times the person you’ll ever be, Lyle.

  3. That’s actually not a terrible idea. Intead of spying on countries and keeping their dirty laundry a secret, why not find a way to share it with the rest of the world. Countries would behave a lot more if they couldn’t keep anything secret from anyone, including their own people.

  4. Personally, I think the Politicians and bureaucrats are just butt-hurt. They refuse to believe that a “29 y/o hacker” was able to do what he did and get away. What with all their vastly Superior intellects and all. We are smarter than everyone, so we know he had to have had help.

  5. For all the immense good that Snowden did, he probably did violate his employment contract, and I think it would be equitable for a small civil judgement to be levied against him. On the other hand, a diseased, decomposing, used and discarded douche bag like Mike Rogers, who incessantly vents filthy propagandized lies of this kind, should be afforded the William Wallace (Braveheart) disposition. Only slower…


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