Teachers Unions

L.A. Teachers Union Calls for 17.6 Percent Raise

Also, protections for teachers at bad schools


The union that represents Los Angeles teachers is seeking a 17.6% salary increase, officials announced.

United Teachers Los Angeles also is calling for a restoration of school staffing to levels in place prior to the state's recent economic recession. In addition, the union wants new rules that will protect the rights and jobs of teachers at persistently low-performing schools.

"We've waited 2,531 days since our last salary increase," said union President Warren Fletcher. "We do not have a desire to wait hundreds more or, God forbid, thousands more. The dollars are here."

Fletcher was referring to increased revenue from the state's improving economy, dollars from a voter-approved state tax increase and a new funding formula that provides more money to districts, such as L.A. Unifed, that serve students who are more challenging to educate.

In addition to lacking raises, teachers, over four years of the recession agreed to 16 furlough days, with each day equaling about half a percent of pay, Fletcher said.