Friday Funnies: You're Not Paranoid


You're not paranoid

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    1. How dare you break the Weekly Bok Mock.

      1. We have nothing against the creator, we simply seek to augment what humor can be made available though copious amounts of Snark and local Memes.

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  1. The psychiatrist’s eyes are… mesmerising…

    1. He’s broken the fourth wall and is looking directly into your soul.

      1. Know that when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you

        1. Hi there Byssie! Long time no Scree.

  2. He should get a refund then.

    1. He didn’t hear his shrink, anyway. He’s listening to his Walkman CD player during the session for some reason.

      1. I thought he is hugging an old white iBook. It’s what I use to listen to the horse races as well.

        1. It certainly reminded me more of an apple product too.

          1. Yeah, because a contemporary product is so much funnier than a Sony Walkman.

            1. You don’t still use your CD Walkman?

              *tears well up in eyes*

              1. You don’t still use your CD Walkman?

                Dude you have a portable CD player!? I’m stuck with this cassette. 🙁

                1. You listening to the new Boyz II Men tape?

                  1. Nah still got Vanilla Ice on repeat yo.

        2. Those aren’t headphones…they’re NSA bugs. The psychiatrist is.under suspicion.for spreading classified.info.

          1. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this recent habit of replacing spaces with periods.

            1. Speak.to me….

              1. I likes me some ellipses …

            2. Remember in the halcyon days of the.internet, when people of the general public were just getting to see dotted quads and URLS for the first time? And remember how advertising people picked up on this.and.it.became.trendy to.separate any two things need.a separator with a period.instead.tlof what the trwditional separator was.for.that application? E.g. (800) 555-1212 became 800.555.1212, or 1/17/2014 became 01.17.2014?

              That really annoyed me a lot.

              Butbthe reason I.do.it now.is.I got a new phone and.my hands still alhaven’t adjusted.to the keyboard.spacing.

              1. E.g. (800) 555-1212 became 800.555.1212, or 1/17/2014 became 01.17.2014?

                Really? That improved my life. I don’t have to worry about formatting anymore.

                “u” still irritates the fuck out of me though.

                1. That’s what’s wrong with you kids today. NO respect for proper formatting.

                  1. I work with a bunch of young Indian developers. You should see some of the abbreviations they do. The one I hate the most is “v” for “we”. Really? The W and E are right next to each other.

                    But I’m just old and grumpy, I guess. And thanks to Sister Mary Sadist, I still type complete words and sentences. My spelling still sucks, though.

                2. Anymore, I often don’t bother with formatting at all. Oh, you find.it.hard to read “8666622233” without handy visual cues separating the stream into easily comprehended chunks? Well, too bad. You made your.own.bed when you refused.to.call out 6th graders on the.internet for ignoring proper punctuation and any concept.of.paragraph structure.

                  You cemented the deal when you accepted the Beast’s hideous Mark on your dates and phone numbers in defiance.of tradition!

                  You all will feel the sorrow of the.damned as our society creaks to a stop, its works fouled by a million mental hurdles and roadblocks to textual understanding!!!

            3. I just assumed that it is an eccentric hybrid of C structures and English languages.

              1. I just assumed that it is an eccentric hybrid of C structures and English languages.\

                Homophobe! GAY HATER! Or whatever they say. You know. blahblahblah.

                1. I believe the term you are after its “typophobe”. Might as well grow out a Hitler moustache.

  3. Ben Bernanke is looking younger these days. Face pubes got a black dye job. And look, took that stupid professor beard and made a goatee. It’s a better look I must say.


  5. So, yet another cartoon that really didn’t need any of the actual bad art to get its point across.

    Come on, Bok. Go meta. Just publish a ‘cartoon’ full of words. You know you want to.

    1. It will embolden Steve Chapman to publish an interpretative dance as his next article

  6. Does this mean that all references to tinfoil hats were de facto hate speech?

  7. The New York Times reported that the technology, used by the agency for several years, relies on radio waves that can be transmitted from tiny circuit boards and USB cards inserted covertly into the computers. The NSA said that the technology has not been used in computers in the U.S.

    Wait. The guy on the couch is obviously an American and the psychiatrist is obviously a Jew of Eastern European extract, though he, too, might be an American. So where is the foreigner in this scenario? THIS CARTOON MAKES NO SENSE.

    1. The NSA said that the technology has not been used in computers in the U.S.

      And we can totally believe them, because they would never lie about this.

      1. Do you believe the NSA inserted a tiny circuit board or USB card into your computer? Maybe you should be on that couch.

        1. Trying to gather material for your next video?

        2. Do you believe the NSA can be trusted to tell us the truth about their spying on Americans? Maybe you’re the one who needs a shrink.

    2. Th patient looks English or Canadian to me. You racist.

  8. They don’t make Elliott Gould-sized couches anymore?

    1. … and the Encylopedia Britannica sized “Walkman”?

  9. The next Snowden revelation will be: “It started when I was a child.”

  10. You’re not funny, either.

    1. But the difference is, I know that.

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