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Orange County DA to Appeal Unlawful Ruling of Sex Offender Ban


A small victory for advocates of reforming sex offender laws may be short lived.

The California Court of Appeal ruled on Jan. 10 that an Orange County ordinance banning sex offenders from parks and beaches is unlawful, yet the Orange County DA Tony Rackauckas will not concede. He has decided to appeal the decision of the California Court of Appeal to the California Supreme Court. The state Surpreme Court should decide within 90 days whether or not to take the case.

"It is foolish for the Office of the Orange County District Attorney to request further review of the county ordinance," Janice Bellucci, president of California Reform Sex Offender Laws, said in a press release Tuesday. "After losing two court battles, this is a waste of taxpayer funding which could be better spent on addressing methods that increase public safety rather than provide the public with a false sense of security."

This ordinance is one of the harshest in the state for sex offenders, and Bellucci argues that this kind of ban, like most sex offender laws, is ineffective and does not provide the protection it suggests.

ReasonTV reported on this ban when it was first enacted in 2011. Watch below to find out more about the ban and "How Sex Offender Registries Fail Us":

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  1. yet the Orange County DA Tony Rackauckas will not concede.

    Shocked I am. Shocked. What a…typical primate fucking DA. Fuck him.

    1. His political future may be on the line after that shit job he did during the trial. This is most likely his attempt to show the voters that he is tough on crime.

  2. A son of a friend of mine was peeing outside of a bar, some female security guard caught him and now he’s on the registry. For life.

    1. Yeah, THERE’S a sex offender! I pee in my backyard – as long as I can do that without too much hassle, I figure there’s some hope.

      Lord knows for how long…

      1. How far is your backyard from the nearest toilet?

        1. Depends how far back into the field I go.

      2. Lord knows for how long…

        I would imagine for as long as your bladder is full.

    2. I was delighted that Berliners peed wherever the fuck they want. I commented on it to a German acquaintance and he was embarrassed by the behavior, but when I pointed out you don’t see it much in the US because you get put on a list for life he got why I thought it was a good thing. I guess it’s a 30 euro fine there.

      1. Haven’t seen you in a while. I figured you were dead from Sriracha deficiency.

        1. Went to Berlin for New Years. As much Dutch flight attendant on the way out said “it’s a very open-minded city”

          1. Yep, the first thing I think of when someone mentions Berlin is openness and tolerance.

            1. It wasn’t a time-traveling adventure. Althought Kreuzberg after midnight on NYE might as well be a war zone. Damn Jerrys love them some fireworks.

              1. Was it a different year when you got to Berlin than it was when you left?

                Pretty sure it was a time-travelling adventure.

                  1. Did the flight you took to Berlin reach 88 MPH?

          2. Did I tell you I almost got run over by a Trabant in Berlin in 1993?

            1. Haha. If anything is going to run you down in Berlin it’s a Trabant.

            2. Imagine the improvements done to the Trabant had it hit you.

  3. How about the purge the teen lovers and tree pee-ers off the sex offender list instead.

  4. There’s a witch sex offender! Burn him!

  5. A small victory for advocates of reforming sex offender laws may be short lived.

    Warty is disappoint.

  6. Sounds like an ex post facto law to me.

    1. That’s what I’ve always thought. But if you make that argument you’ll be accused of coddling child molesters. Then the only possible way to prove you don’t coddle child molesters is to support these registries.

      “Why do you love child molesters?

      Child molester lover! Child molester lover!

      He everyone! This guy loves child molesters! He wants your child to be molested! He’s a terrible person! Ignore all his arguments because he loves child molesters! He’s probably a child molester himself!”

    2. The ATF claims the following regarding the ban on people possessing firearms if they’ve ever been convicted of domestic violence:

      “This provision is not being applied retroactively or in violation of the Ex Post Facto clause of the Constitution. This is because the law does not impose additional punishment upon persons convicted prior to the effective date, but merely regulates the future possession and receipt of firearms on or after the effective date. The provision is not retroactive merely because the person’s conviction occurred prior to the effective date.”

      There’s very little that can’t be done to a person decades after conviction if this is the standard.

  7. There’s something different about the Hit&Run; main page.

    1. The related topics banner is new.

      1. It’s not new, it’s just been moved. They changed the layout from three columns to two.

        1. Too many trs and not enough tds! Bastards!

          1. trs and tds are sooo 2004. That shit’s all done in CSS now, gramps.

  8. Some times man you jsut have to roll with it.

  9. I think you need to amend the headline. It reads as though the decision striking the law was “unlawful.” In fact, the decision held the law to be “unlawful.”

  10. Much like Mayor West needed a distraction from wasting Quohog’s tax money on a gold statue of Dig Em’ the Frog, Tony the Tigress Rackauckas needs a distraction from the acquittal of the killer cops from Fullerton who beat homeless Kelly Thomas to death. Once again, this issue becomes a convenient distraction to salvage Tony’s declining career.

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