LAPD Commission Hopes Body Cameras Will Cut Down on Lawsuits

City secures funding for 600 of them


The LA Police Commission recently secured funding to outfit 600 officers with body cameras and says the devices will cut down on lawsuits.

The camera lenses are as small as a dime and the devices can be easily clipped on to shirt lapels, hats or glasses.

"When people get tickets or get arrested they're going to be taped," said Steve Soboroff, head of the commission and a former mayoral candidate.

Within two months, the commission reached their $1.3-million fundraising goal after receiving donations from JM Eagle President Walter Wang, the Dodgers baseball team, philanthropist Casey Wasserman, former Mayor Richard Riordan, entertainment executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, film director Steven Spielberg and AEG owner Phil Anschutz.