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ReasonTV Replay: Is Santa Ana Choosing Foliage Over a Karate Legend's Dojo?


"The Real Miyagi's Dojo Threatened: Santa Ana Favors Foliage over Small Businesses," produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. About 5:30 minutes. 

Here is the original text from the Jan 2, 2014 video:

Karate legend Fumio Demura has shaped much of the karate culture we are familiar with today. He's trained iconic martial arts stars like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and Pat Morita, and has also acted in popular martial arts films.

Demura's credits include working as Mr. Miyagi's stunt double in The Karate Kid franchise,Mortal Combat, Rising Sun, and The Island of Dr. MoreauThe Real Miyagi is a soon-to-be-released feature documenting Demura's life. Demura credits his "dojo," or studio, in Santa Ana, California for much of his success.

"A dojo is not just a studio, not just for fighting. It's the development of better human beings," says Demura.

Yet Demura's dojo may not be around for much longer. The City of Santa Ana is planning to acquire his property as well as eight other small businesses as part of the Bristol Street Widening Project. The project has been around since the early 90's, and is just now reaching the phase that threatens these businesses.

"It's just a very slow process," says Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. "You have to deal with every single homeowner, every single business owner."

Mayor Pulido says that this section of Bristol Street is especially important because it's a major gateway into Santa Ana, and thus requires more lanes in order to ease traffic congestion. However, the businesses believe that the city can indeed widen the streets without acquiring their properties.

The city's current plan allots 30 ft. for landscaping, and those 30 ft. are crucial for the businesses to be able to remain untouched. Christina Rush represents the Bristol Street businesses, and says they can take care of the landscaping themselves.

"We can give you that in our plan, through our landscaping, through architectural elements, outdoor seating," says Rush. "We can achieve what the city wants, that park-like look, while still allowing the businesses to retain their properties."

Rush has met multiple times with city representatives, and expects a resolution or at least more debate at the city council meeting on Jan. 6. She says the businesses have no intention of giving up their properties without a fight.

"I'd like to stay as much as I can, because this is an old house. We fixed it. So hard we were working," says Demura.

About 5:30 minutes.


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  1. We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition: A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy.

    1. For man with no forgiveness in heart, living much worse punishment than death.

      1. Sweep the leg, Santa Ana!

        1. I’m not willing to pay money to see a Karate Kid/The Alamo mash-up. Sorry.

          1. Straight to Netflix? Or straight to SyFy?

        2. You got this Johnny! Yeah! Get him a body bag!

  2. Things must have changed a bit since my visit to Santa Ana in 2001. The fine cuisine then was had at Long John Silver’s and the closest traffic congestion was on the news, in Los Angeles.

    1. And now they have gastropubs.

      1. That must be where all the traffic is going.

      2. Go on….

        1. My brother works at one. Can’t remember what it’s called though. I wasn’t aware of what gastropubs were until he told me.

          1. There’s one here. It is packed every single day, lunch & dinner, rain or shine. Still haven’t tried it, though…

            1. I’m posting this from a gastropub. No. Wait. I’m in a bar. Go Niners!!!

              1. I honestly don’t know the difference. Gourmet cheeseburgers?

                1. Depends. Usually it’s just more “foodie” food, like foie gras or bone marrow or frites cooked in pure duck fat. This place is a good example. Plus a much better beer and liquor selection. I definitely prefer a place where I can get a sour ale or a bock or whatever.

                  1. This is the popular local gastropub. I don’t understand why it is so crowded when Katsu=ya is 2 doors away.

                    1. Which?

                    2. The original post was for Epi, but…

                    3. I would have said it looks Parisian, but you’re not wrong…

  3. “It’s just a very slow process,” says Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. “You have to deal with every single homeowner, every single business owner.”

    Politicians and bureaucrats really hate that. So much easier if you could just send in the storm troopers.

  4. Balko is not a fan:

    Because they’ll fucking torture you. RT @NBCChicagoPD: This is one unit you DON’T want to mess with. #ChicagoPD pic.twitter.com/VcoB3CS9Ad

    ? Radley Balko (@radleybalko) January 5, 2014


    1. That is a little far away from Santa Ana. Unless you are talking about a backup on The Five all the way to the Dan Ryan.

    2. Some Koch-head jumping on the anti-police abuse issue.

    3. Yo dude, last day to get a discount season pass to Knott’s Berry Farm. Are you on that or what?

      1. Nah, I’m trying to hold on to what money I have left in my bank account. But I should be starting a new job either this week or next.

        In any case I have friends that work at Knott’s and Disneyland so I can usually just buy admission from them at a much more affordable price.

        1. What’s the job?

          1. Temporary work as a data entry clerk at an AARP office in Lakewood.

            1. Paramount at Carson. Your lunch break will suck.

              1. What’s wrong with 7-11 hotdogs 5 days a week?

            2. May as well post to hit n run while you’re getting paid…

            3. Also, us South Bay/LBC/Orange County Reasonoids really should get together for some drinks.

              1. Drinks? I have those everyday. How bout some delicious food, preferably in an all-you-can-eat format so we can have a sophomoric eating contest?

                1. ^This.

    4. Oh the CPD. I’ve encountered some that are nice but for the most part, they can be huge assholes. I suggested that everytime the CPD had to pay for a settlement as a result of abuse, then the money should come out of the police retirement fund. I got a lot angry responses.

      1. I saw the trailer for this show and it quite frankly disgusts me.

        1. Don’t they make it humorous when they explode a grenade in a shop because the owner refuses to let them search without a warrant?

          And before you get all bleeding heart on me, you need to know that in the pilot of Hawaii 5-0, the governor granted McGarrett full immunity under the Patriot act to do whatever it takes to clean up the island. So the grenade bit was totally legal.

      2. I cannot stand police procedurals or most cop shows for precisely this reason, but even the “good” shows are rife with Constitutional violations, warrantless searches, violent interrogations, and more. It’s pretty fucked up that some of these shows actively advertise themselves as having their protagonists be “out of control”. But I guess that’s what people want, or it wouldn’t be popular.

        1. Shows like this are the reason why people really could give two shits whenever we hear the police being abusive. It’s the whole mentality of one must being a wolf to catch other wolves.

          1. Unfortunately, I don’t think the shows are the reason, they are the result. People really like bloodthirsty “justice” and really don’t have much respect for rights or presumption of innocence. They also seem to really, really like TOP MEN. The all-knowing, always right cop fits that bill perfectly.

            1. you have some issues lol

        2. I haven’t been able to watch L&O since I saw John Mulaney’s stand up routine at the local comedy and magic club. He’s still doing a variation of his bit 10 years later:

        3. It’s indoctrinating people to a “more acceptable” expectation of their rights.

          I’m still waiting for the episode where they break down the door, shoot the doc, cuff the toddlers then 3 hours later realize they have the wrong house.

  5. From: General Wes Clark
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    General Wes Clark

    Who the fuck said former generals get to keep calling themselves generals after they leave? This is bullshit.

    1. A former general that thinks Hilary would make a good CinC? Wow.

      1. That guys wants to be Secretary of Defense or State. You have to start the asskissing early if you want those sort of positions.

      2. A former general that thinks Hilary would make a good CinC? Wow.

        Seems odd, as the VAST majority of military officers are conservatives. When I was young I jokingly asked a superior why there were so many liberal Generals and his response sounded fairly realistic.

        Due to their age, many grew up in the 60s. That holds for Clark. He entered the military in 66 at 22. Fucking flower child commie bastard!

        1. He went to Burning Man last year.

          1. Maybe he hung out with Brian Doherty while he was there.

        2. The higher the rank, the more the cullings become political, too. You won’t get a promotion or choice assignment during eights years of Clinton as a Edwin Walker. Conversely, saying the right things and supporting your political masters is the way to fast track and future success. Clark was tight with Bill long before he support Hilary the first time in 08.

          I think there’s also a tendency to mistake the artificial military structure as a model for society as a whole. On it’s face, the military is a socialist paradise.

          1. supported

        3. Fucking flower child commie bastard!

          yeah cuz all peoples in ’66 were the hippies lol

    2. Yeah, if he is going to embezzle his title when he leaves his job, why not use the title “Supreme Commander”?

    3. They *can* – as a retiree, he *technically* is a general.

      I consider it poor form – I didn’t go around calling myself by my rank once I retired.

      I think its like someone with a Ph.D in literature wanting to be called ‘doctor’ – If you ain’t an MD (or at least *something in the medical field – I’ll even consider dentist) or, like, a physicist, then knock it off.

      1. Knock what off?

        And why does physics get a pass?

      2. Doctor (doctus) was used to describe the learned long before it was used to describe medical doctors who, until fairly recently, went by the title of physician.

    4. Yes the do because technically the could be recalled unlike former ambassadors, senators or cabinet secretaries which often do the same.

      Thing is I was in the military during the Clinton years and our aircraft performed on a presidential detail once. The marine detachment that flew the president around didn’t have anything positive to say about that family. Few in the military did but of course not many of us played golf at the right levels

    1. I acknowledge your link.

      1. Thanks. It’s nice to be noticed. I get really bored during weekend nap time.

  6. I think this makes a whole lot of sense dude.


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