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Tea Party Activists Determined To Punish Ohio's Republican Governor For Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

John Kasich has been governor since 2011


Tea party Republicans in the Buckeye state are bound and determined to make Republican Gov. John Kasich pay for supporting the expansion of Medicaid as part of President Obama's healthcare law.

Next week, former president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition Ted Stevenot will announce that he plans to challenge Kasich in the Republican primary.

And should he collect the 1,000 signatures necessary to get on the ballot, it would make Kasich the first sitting Ohio governor to be challenged in a primary since 1978, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

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  1. Doesn’t the increase in Medicaid costs come directly from the state’s budget?

    1. My understanding is that the Feds pick up all of the costs in the first few years, and then taper off their support later.

      In expanding Medicare under the ACA, states understand that the Feds assume 100% of the cost from January, 2014 to 2017; 95% of the cost, 2017 to 2020; and 90% of the cost, 2020 going forward.

      I am looking into the positions of Ted Stevenot to see if he might be worth supporting.

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