Central African Republic

Fighting is Intensifying in CAR

French and African troops are trying to restore stability


Intensifying fighting in the Central African Republic is posing a serious challenge to thousands of French and African troops struggling to restore stability in the lawless country.

Paris deployed 1,600 troops to its former colony in early December with UN Security Council approval to help a 4,500-strong African force. But they appear unable to stop the fighting, with aid organisations pointing to increasing levels of violence.

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  1. Another waste of the American (US) taxpayers money! The Central African Republic is nothing more than a shit hole in the middle of a huge desert, all a byproduct created by France in the 19th Century to establish their f—ing French Empire. Hope we don’t get involved in this crap anymore than we have to.

    However, we now have Africa Command created by our bloated defense budget, a budget which does not and will not prevent another terrorist attack on the United States. So a suppose our Generals and Admirals (who always need a job and some damn war to fight) will eventually involve us somewhere (which is really nowhere to our national security) in some shit hole. Why not? We were in Somalia weren’t we? And that ass wipe place is now worse off than when we went there.

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