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Almost Three Quarters of Islamist Terror Prisoners in the UK Resist Rehabilitation

Anti-extremism efforts struggling


Almost three-quarters of those jailed for Islamist terror offences in the UK have rejected efforts to steer them away from extremism, Sky News has been told.

Sources said 110 of the country's 150 terrorist offenders, who are currently in prison or on parole, are resisting rehabilitation.

Analysts have told Sky News the security services will be faced with an increasing challenge trying to monitor those who retain extreme views once released.

The Government's counter-terrorism strategy, Contest, is aimed at encouraging extremists to re-examine their beliefs and choose a path of non-violence.

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  1. So what did anyone expect from from these terrorists? Read “Jihad” by Paul Fregosi (published by Prometheus Books) and find out. All these people (these terrorists) have been in business since the 7th Century (AD) and have no intentions whatsoever of choosing paths of non-violence, much less re-examining their beliefs.

    The British authorities must be undergoing some sort of delusional breakdown to believe or hope that a bunch of hard-core, dedicated religious fanatics will undergo some sort of miraculous conversion. Islamists must have been mistaken for Amish.

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