US: Charges Against Indian Diplomat Will Not Be Dropped

Tensions continue


In her first public statement in the two-week-old India-US spat over the treatment of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York, the US Ambassador to India Nancy Powell Tuesday said she regretted the circumstances of Khobragade's arrest even as officials in America indicated charges against the IFS officer would not be withdrawn.

Powell's statement, which was weaved into her new year's message, was seen as an attempt to assuage India's concerns as the furore over the alleged mistreatment of Khobragade has soured relations.

New Delhi responded by saying it would communicate with Washington through the designated channel, the State Department in this case, and that it remained serious about pursuing misuse of diplomatic privileges by US diplomats in India.

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  1. So her diplomatic immunity has been...revoked?

    1. Apparently consular immunity is more limited than diplomatic immunity and even career consular officers can be arrested if for a felony and pursuant to a warrant.

      It looks like the US was technically right (the best kind of right!) by busting her -- but the Indians took offense and are in the position to retaliate for the perceived snub.

  2. You know, one of the few things Bush did right was being friendly with India. Something Obama seems to have completely reversed.

    Yes, she did wrong. Just tell her to knock it off, don't make an international incident out of it.

  3. Way to not give any relevant details.

    1. Way to be both subservient and demanding, by not taking a few seconds to read the linked article or a few seconds more to google the diplomat's name, while expecting everyone else to do it for you, and then taking longer to whine about everyone else's perceived faults than it would to rectify the perceived lack of information.

      1. Heaven forfend a news article have a single piece of relevant information. It might as well say "STUFF HAPPENED!"


  4. Read the wiki entry, she sounds like a spoiled child.

  5. They should ask Devyani Khobragade why hundreds of thousands of Indian troops are stationed in Kashmir, why they brutalize innocent Kashmiris all the time and why India is allowed to steal Kashmir's resources all because of the British mandate decades ago. There's an often overlooked illegal and unjustified occupation in the world and that is of India's occupation and apartheid of Kashmir. If you go to India with the intention of exposing the atrocities and brutality of Indian soldiers shooting at unarmed children in Kashmir you will be met with far less tolerance than Devyani Khobragade has been treated with.

    1. unarmed children in Kashmir

      If those children were armed, Kashmir would be accused of forcible conscription of child soldiers.

  6. India will be end up as Europe with separate states for BC/SC/ST/FC people. Google "90 percent of people vote on caste lines".
    Or India will end up as Africa where gang rape is a means to take revenge/hate crime. Google "Delhi gang rape".

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