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Bill de Blasio Has to Pay NYC a $9 Registration Fee to Become Mayor, But What About the Unrequired Inaugurations?

De Blasio getting inaugurated twice


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NYC Public Advocate's Office

New York City's mayor has to pay a $9 registration fee when filing his oath of office form, a bureaucratic procedure the city's other elected officials also have to complete, a fact highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, which also notes that in 2001 the fee was only 15 cents, the amount it had been for a century.  The Journal reports:

From a legal standpoint, the signing of the form, the payment of the $9 fee and the signature in the official register are the only requirements for Mr. [Bill] de Blasio to assume the powers of the mayor at 12 a.m. Wednesday.

For ceremonial purposes, Mr. de Blasio plans to recite the oath of office at two different points on Wednesday. The first is scheduled to take place at Mr. de Blasio's home in Park Slope at 12:01 a.m., with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman officiating. That event is considered private for family and other special invitees, but will be streamed live on the web at

A private event streamed live for the world to see is an apt encapsulation of the way de Blasio has been able to capitalize politically on his private life. When de Blasio's adult daughter announced last week she had a substance abuse problem, in a video produced by the de Blasio campaign, Chris Smith explained in New York:

Yet packaging and releasing the news after De Blasio has been safely elected, on Christmas Eve, when many civilians and much of the media is otherwise occupied, muffles the immediate headlines — though it will stoke questions about how De Blasio can make his family such a prominent part of his political life and demand privacy at the same time… When I asked De Blasio, not along ago, about whether it was dangerous to turn his wife and kids into media figures, he answered serenely but emphatically. "You have to understand, our family is different in the way we think about things," he said, describing how his politics and his family were so intertwined as to be inseparable. "This is who we are, this is how we live, this is how we'll always live."

The "public" inaugural ceremony to be held at noon tomorrow at City Hall, meanwhile, will have Bill Clinton swearing in de Blasio in an event the mayor-elect promised would be "for all New Yorkers." The Journal doesn't specify whether that ceremony is taxpayer-funded, though it's safe to assume that at the very least the security-related expenditures will be, and that the $9 fee won't come close to covering them.

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  1. New York is a hellhole. And you know how I feel about hellholes! – Homer Simpson

  2. Too bad his pal Fidel is too sick to travel.

    1. Do you have other outdated references you’d like to share?

      1. You want a piece of Sugar you’ll have to get past me, rookie.

      2. 70,000 dead Miskito Indians would also like to attend the festivities, shitfucker.

  3. It’s great how the Progressives in NYC hates finance with a passion but yet finance is the only reason why the city has not become a hellhole that resembles Detroit.

    1. You how to make a plane fly faster? Point it at the ground.

  4. Who cares? Dolphins are using puffer fish to get high! Somebody do something!

  5. “You have to understand, our family is different in the way we think about things,”

    No kidding.

    1. This guy will be entertaining in ways the Bloomberg couldn’t conceive! It’s going to be awsome…..and hey…make sure you get that NY Handsome Cab ride real soon!

  6. Well de Blasio is no Cleveland Browns as he is not letting me down in my belief that he will be worse than Bloomberg.

  7. I have high hopes for de Blasio. If he delivers on half his promises, fleeing New Yorkers will drive the New Jersey housing market back to where it was 6 or 7 years ago and beyond.

    Then I can sell and get the fuck out of here.

  8. “This is who we are, this is how we live, this is how we’ll always live.”

    That’s not creepy at all.

  9. Man, he sounds like such an asshole. I’m really getting scared of this guy. I’m thinking more and more that I will have to move out of this place soon.

    Unfortunately, I’ll probably go from NYC to LA…

  10. NYC deserves every bit of lolcow crazy they’re gonna get from this asshole.

  11. In the 1970s, NYC was on the edge of bankruptcy, the crime rate was among the highest in the country, and people were fleeing the city as fast as they could. That was the result of over a half century of “progressive” leadership of the sort de Blassio stands for. It took 36 years of Ed Koch, Rudy Guiliani and Mike Bloomberg, whatever other faults they may have had, to recover and for NYC to become financially sound, safe and thriving again. And what is NYC doing now? Bringing back the same stupidity that drove it to the brink.

    Well at least NJ will benefit when de Blassio starts raising taxes again.

    1. “President Ford to New York City – ‘Drop dead'”

      Good times….

  12. I hear Blasio is already planning to ban horse carriages in one of New York’s parks.

    I wonder how Blasio will address the pressing issue of income inequality in New York?

  13. US Politics, best politics money can buy lol.

  14. Is Bill Clinton a notary public? If not, how is he qualified to administer oaths to anyone?

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