Incoming Boston Mayor Clashing With Police Over AR-15 Proposal

Martin Walsh reportedly doesn't think cops needs the guns


Boston police are clashing with the city's incoming mayor over a proposal to arm some officers with AR-15 rifles. 

Mayor-elect Martin Walsh reportedly came out against the plan over the weekend. The Boston Police Department had been pushing for a limited number of officers to carry the high-powered rifles, in light of recent mass shootings as well as the Boston Marathon bombing earlier this year. 

But after the incoming mayor initially stayed mum on the idea, a spokeswoman for Walsh told the Boston Herald he's not on board—not yet, anyway. 

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  1. “he’s not on board — not yet, anyway.”

    Well, someone from the Police Officer’s Union will be by shortly to see if they can change his mind. ‘cuz it would be real shame to see anything “happen” to City Hall…

  2. Cops are neither “the people”, or in any conceivable way “a well regulated militia.” Leave the “assault weapons” to those of us who actually come under assault, and you can get back to magnifying glasses and pads of paper.

  3. Great.

    No fucking Hat Tip.

    Happy Fucking New Year.

    Entropy Void|12.30.13 @ 10:41AM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

    Massholes have a particular kind of STOOPID.…..-proposal/
    reply to this

  4. While I’m never in favor of arming the police more heavily than the citizenry, I do object to calling an AR-15 a “high-powered rifle.” I’m kind of surprised to find that rhetoric here.

    For those of you not in the know, there are many, many more calibers of rifle that are actually high-powered. 556/223 is NOT high-powered. The AR-15 is just a good, accurate rifle.

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