Hit & Run

A.M. Links: Obama Wants Congress to Do More on Guantanamo, UN Wants US, Yemen to Come Clean About Wedding Drone Bombings, Feds Want to Regulate Face, Hand Transplants


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    Paramount/"Star Trek"

    President Obama signed the bipartisan spending deal negotiated in Congress earlier this month while on his vacation in Hawaii. Obama also signed the latest NDAA, complaining about the restrictions on Guantanamo detainees it included and that Congress isn't doing more about the prison.

  • The 9th Circuit Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for Los Angeles authorities to demand hotels and motels release guest information to them without a warrant.
  • Glenn Greenwald defended his defense of Edward Snowden while on MSNBC yesterday by pointing out that that network shills for Barack Obama 24 hours a day.
  • The United Nation wants the US and Yemen to confirm their roles in two drone strikes this month that both hit wedding processions in Yemen. The UN also wants to know what targeting standards are used and whether there are any plans to compensate victims' families.
  • The US sent 75 Hellfire missiles to Iraq earlier this month and will send more as that country battles Al-Qaeda insurgents in the desert. The Iraqi government has also asked for drones, which the US plans on sending it.
  • John Kerry is "concerned" about Egypt's crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood, which it recently listed as a terrorist organization.
  • The federal government is reportedly working on new regulations for face and hand transplants.

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