Huckabee: Republicans Need To "Get Over" Their Opposition to Health Care Subsidies

Former Arkansas governor reportedly considering a 2016 White House bid


Possible 2016 GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee on Sunday said the government should subsidize a portion of healthcare for uninsurable Americans.

The former Arkansas governor laid out his own plan for healthcare on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace, saying if his party has a problem with subsidizing "people whose medical expenses are extraordinary … they need to get over it."

Huckabee, weighing a second run for the highest office in the country, said instead of overhauling the entire healthcare system, the government should focus on the 15 percent of Americans who are uninsured, half of which, Huckabee contends, are insurable but choose not to get coverage. 

He said there should be a "safety net" for those uninsurable individuals.

Huckabee highlighted a program that former President Ronald Reagan signed into law in 1982, the Tax Equity Family Relief Act, or TEFRA.