Barack Obama

Reporters Not Happy With Jay Carney Over Their Limit Access to Obama

Were not allowed to photograph Obama, Clinton, Bush on recent trip to South Africa


(WASHINGTON)—White House press secretary Jay Carney got an earful Thursday from a frustrated White House press corps, as reporters revolted against what they described as limited access to President Obama.

"We are working and have been working on expanding access where we can," Carney explained.

The uproar comes just days after the White House declined to let journalists photograph the President and first lady with former President George W. Bush, former first lady Laura Bush and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the long flight to South Africa. The White House later released several photos of the rare assembly aboard Air Force One taken by the official White House photographer. 

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  1. Lap dogs unhappy? Oh, throw ’em a chew-toy.

  2. funny how i couldnt get this asshole off my tv for 10 mins when they were adoring him but now that hes been exposed as the truly destestable excuse for squalid horse shit he really is he slithers back into that dark corner of hell from whence it came

  3. “Let us love you more!”

  4. Looks as if the golden boy has been revealed as all brass and despite the continuing effort to polish his image the tarnish is bleeding through. Evidently, they are wising up and starting to realize just how much of a feckless speechmaker he is.

    Barack has relied upon propaganda and personality and his game is over. Too bad it comes a few months too late but it would have come sooner if Obamacare would have launched before the election and if the TRUTH about Benghazi had been told from the start.

    Barack is what you get when the press becomes infatuated and now they are getting a lesson that likely will sting for many years to come. It’s about time!

    Obama’s lame-duck presidency starts January 1st 2014. The press is going to provide the sauce.

  5. They are just throwing a tantrum because THEY aren’t getting what THEY want. I expect them to remain the same lapdogs they’ve been for the past 5 years.

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