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Police Investigate Reporter Who Exposed School Security Holes

Yeah, she's the problem


FARGO – Two local police agencies are investigating a Valley News Live reporter after the television station aired a hidden camera report on Wednesday night showing her walking inside three area elementary schools without anyone stopping her.

The story, meant to reveal holes in school security, has received scrutiny from police and school officials who say the reporter broke city and state laws by entering the schools without permission.

Moorhead and West Fargo police say they are investigating the matter. It is unclear whether the reporter will face charges.

Moorhead Lt. Tory Jacobson said that after seeing the TV station's report, the city's police officers, who know it's illegal to simply walk into a school, felt they had an obligation to investigate the reporter's actions.

"The concern we had was that they were specifically doing something that wasn't lawful," Jacobson said.

(Hat tip to A. Barton Hinkle)