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Amnesty Says the EU is Failing Syrian Refugees

Only 10 of the bloc's 28 members have offered to take in those displaced by the civil war


European leaders should be ashamed by the paltry numbers of refugees from Syria they are prepared to resettle, human rights group Amnesty says.

Only 10 member states have offered to take in refugees and even then only 12,000, it complains. The UK and Italy have offered no places at all, it adds.

But the UK government says it is focusing on the region and is one of the biggest international donors.

European Union aid has reached 1.3bn euros (£1.1bn; $1.7bn), officials say.

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  1. It irritates me when organizations like Amnesty blame other nations for not doing enough for political and conflict refugees. Yes, all people have rights and should receive fair treatment, but it’s not the UK’s or Italy’s responsibility to care for a group of people who have allowed their own nation to become a crap hole.

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