Set Your DVRs to OMG! The Independents Debuts Tonight on at 9 PM ET on Fox Business Network!


Drumroll please….

There's a brand new TV show in the universe, anchored by Reason.tv contributor Kennedy, co-hosted by Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch and occasional Reason contributor Kmele Foster. It's called The Independents, will approach politics and culture from an unorthodox spirit and point of view familiar to readers of this website, and you can find it on a Fox Business Network channel near you.

The show will air Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 1 hour between 9 and 10 pm. (Thursdays in that time slot is reserved for the one and only Stossel, who a little birdie tells me may be a participant in this evening's live broadcast.)

We will have an open thread later for heckling and/or fashion critiques, but for now please sign up early and often for The Independents on various social media platforms:

* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IndependentsFBN

* Twitter: @IndependentsFBN (we'll be reading out Tweets during the broadcast)

* Instagram: independentsFBN

This show couldn't have happened without John Stossel, and it also couldn't have happened without you, the readers and supporters of Reason. So thank you for that, and won't you please donate to Reason to make more good stuff possible?

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  1. Someone live blog this. I have Pens tickets. I command you.

    1. any news on orpik?

  2. DVR? Schmee-vee-arr! I’ll watch it live and start a drinking game while at it!

    1. Someone keep track of Matt’s ties.

      I suspect the producers at Fox will not let the black shirt/yellow tie combo slip in anymore.

  3. This show couldn’t have happened without John Stossel[…]

    All hail Plankton! I mean, Stossel! All hail Stossel!

  4. Really? Reason is excited about a new show on cable? What is this, 1985?

    1. It’s easy to get it excited when you are the co-host. Even if only 50 people watch, that’s got to be at least as exciting as starring in a high school play or something.

      1. Better – the 50 watching aren’t there only because their kids are in the play.

  5. Hey, Daily Beast has an article on Kennedy! I bet the readers are excited for the show…

    1. Fox News, Home of the Sub-patheic.

    2. For an inexplicable reason KFI has her fill in for JohnAndKen occasionally. When she discusses politics all she does is repeat talking points she got from Reason (yet another Koch front). She’d need a lot of help if she ever got challenged on any of those talking points.

    3. She ain’t hot enough to be on Foxnews or Fox Business. While I don’t like Foxnews in general, I do have to admit that they hire hot women to put in front of the camera, in short skirts and lots of makeup. Kennedy is certainly not up to Fox’s standards.


    1. She’d need a lot of help if she ever got challenged on any of those talking points.

      Whereas leftist-statist celebrities are always armed to the teeth with superb arguments and never mindlessly spout talking points.

      1. Alec Baldwin will just call you a cock-sucker.

        1. But will he let you suck his cock?

          1. No, his cock is reserved for the manatees.

          2. He may be the President of the Film Actors’ Guild, but he’s no FAG.

    2. Kennedy, who lives in the posh Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles with her husband, former professional snowboarder Dave Lee, and their two daughters, 8-year-old Pele and 4-year-old Lotus

      Wow, whoever won their baby naming contests are just cruel.

      1. Better than McKenzie or Brooklyn or whatever the fuck people name their kids these days.

    3. ray3121970
      6 hours ago
      Politics/media careers these days are all about “branding” — which has also oozed into almost everything else in life. The late lamented Bill Hicks was right about marketing being the root of all evil, at least the marketing mindset. I’m not sure how sincere this person is about her political philosophy, but having heard her talking on the radio she sounds like all those other females who really just want to be on tv and you suspect they’d don a swastika arm band or a Mao jacket if they needed to as long as they got their hourly show on cable.

      I’m just impressed that he considers a Mao jacket a bad thing.

      1. What, now that the Chinese are Gaia-raping, corporate sellouts, its totally cool to hate on Mao. Its not like he said “Stalin mustaches”.

    4. Dammit, CPA, you made me go down the Daily Beast rabbit hole.

      This time, the heirs of the Confederacy have learned that is more effective to suborn the government than secede. Tricked out in patriotic regalia as “The Tea Party,” these latter-day rebels have commandeered the GOP, one of the country’s two major political parties, enabling them to undermine not only the machinery of government but the idea of government. Boring from within, they have wreaked far greater damage on Washington than any Confederate victories.

      Oh god, if only. Keep singing that sweet sweet song.

        1. That one is great. “The evil Republicans are copying the methods the Democrats used last time to beat them. How evil!”

      1. the heirs of the Confederacy

        Does the writer even know that it was the Republicans who fought the confederacy which was primarily composed of Democrats?

        And the Republican party was a rebel offshoot of the Whig party?

    5. yeah cuz greta’s lip thingy is just sooo sexy.

  6. Is this the one where Will Smith beats up an alien pilot?

  7. Congratulations! Good luck and break a leg.

  8. *knick*knock*knock*

    Five minutes, Mr. Welch!

    1. +1 The Great Volare

  9. I’m going to out on a limb and predict that Matt’s tie is terrible.

    1. I like his ties, they are memorable, not terrible.

      1. “Brett L|12.9.13 @ 4:06PM|#

        I like his ties, they are memorable”

        BOTH OF THEM!

  10. A little birdie told me in this episode, Kennedy will appear nude astride a horse for the entire show.

    1. What channel is this thing on again?

  11. When do I get to guest-host?

    1. Such guest-hosts take what they want. In other words, just walk on.

      1. Crush the ratings, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of MSNBC.

        1. I’m surprised networks don’t use more violence to gain market share.

          1. I’d pay big money to see the Chris Matthews v. Bill O’Reilly slap fight.

    2. I have no interest in this show, but I would definitely watch an episode with Warty.

      1. We used to talk about the H&R talk show a lot on here. I forget if we ever came up with a title, but I do remember that I was supposed to perform a lot of violence.

        1. I remember no such conversations. Are you sure you’re not remembering pillow talk with Epi?

          1. No, I tape up his mouth. Most of the time.

        2. We used to talk about the H&R talk show a lot on here.

          That Google+ you tube thingy could probably make it easy.

          or at least possible.

      2. He’s a ratings bonanza. Josh Whedon is on record that editing out a Warty cameo is why Firefly was cancelled.

      3. I second that. Hear that, Welch? If ratings don’t do well then you need Warty as a guest. And Kennedy nude on a horse. That would probably help too.

        1. If its too expensive you can dispense with the horse.

  12. Im guessing the Independents is kinda sorta replacing the Judge’s show on FBN. Reminds me of this from Family Guy:

    Well, unfortunately, Lois, there’s just no more room on the schedule. We’ve just got to accept the fact that Fox has to make room for terrific shows like Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared, Action, That ’80s Show, Wonderfalls, Fastlane, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Skin, Girls Club, Cracking Up, The Pitts, Firefly, Get Real, Freakylinks, Wanda at Large, Costello, The Lone Gunmen, A Minute With Stan Hooper, Normal Ohio, Pasadena, Harsh Realm, Keen Eddie, The $treet, American Embassy, Cedric the Entertainer, The Tick, Louie and Greg the Bunny.

    1. Are we talking animated The Tick or live action? Because the animated version was solid.

      1. Probably the live version. I didn’t watch much of it, but what I did see sucked pretty hard. The animated version did rock though.

  13. Let’s all follow them on Instagram, that way we can all see what we look like in real life, and also so I can finally stop fantasizing about how dappered Warty is.

  14. Yawn. Wish I could catch it. Monday is laundry night.

  15. Get an anarchist on the panel!

  16. I’d love to watch the show, hopefully Fox will air repeats on Fox News Channel (like they do with Stossel) so that I can eventually see it. In my cable-monopoly area, Fox Business is a “semi-premium” channel, which means I’d have to shell out extra bucks to get it, along with a whole collection of other channels I don’t want – not gonna do it.

  17. Kennedy just pronounced his name as “J D TwoChilli”?is that really how you say it?

    1. Apparently.

      Ethnics. What can you do?

  18. Will you and/or Fox Business post the full episode in eye-popping-HD?

  19. I don’t have cable. Can we watch it streaming or Netflix?

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