Rand Paul

Rand Paul Says He is "Seriously Thinking About" Running For President

Adds that he is "also very serious about the family consideration"



Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said yesterday that he is "seriously thinking about" running for president in 2016, but added that "I'm also very serious about the family considerations."

The news comes a few days after Paul said that his wife opposes him running.

From Reuters:

(Reuters)—Republican Senator Rand Paul said on Sunday he is giving serious thought to a run for the presidency in 2016 but might decide against it because of the burden a campaign would cause for his family.

"Well, you know, the thought has crossed my mind," the Kentucky senator said on "Fox News Sunday." "And I am seriously thinking about it.

"But I'm also very serious about the family considerations."

Paul, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, said politics had become "uncivil" and that sometimes "you have a good week" and other times "the haters and the hacks go after you."

More from Reason.com on Rand Paul here

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  1. I seriously considering voting for him.

      1. And actually feeling good about it afterwards for once.

        1. Me too.

          1. I voted for him twice in 2010.

            1. Third times a charm 😉

            2. Me too!

              /howdy, neighbor!

  2. If he can’t keep his head when Rachel Maddow and her legion of fat girls say stupid shit about him, he’ll never survive a campaign.

    1. Are you reminiscing about when you ran for class treasurer again? Just let it go, man. You can’t rape those memories away.

      1. You can’t rape those memories away.

        That’ll hardly stop him from trying though.

    2. Yeah, he should probably lay off the “haters and the hacks” language. They’re all hacks, sure, but you’re not supposed to say it.

      1. I’m not sure I agree. Remember, to win the election as a Republican, you’ve first got to win the Republican nomination. Do you really think trashing Rachel Maddow is going to risk his standing with Republican primary voters?

        1. Don’t overlook the fact that anything done during the primary can and will be used against you during the election proper.

          1. True. But, I just can’t picture John and Jane Swingvoter getting turned off on Rand Paul because he called Rachel Maddow a hack. It’s not like he called her a mendacious fuck or anything.

          2. ^This^ In addition to having the inerview from 2010 where he critisized the CRA playing on a 24/7 loop, the story will be about he’s “unable to handle criticism,” “too sensitive,” and “not even tempered enough to be president.”

          3. Unless you’re John McCain or Mitt Romney. Then it was just pandering to the base, and you can introduce your real platform.

      2. No, double down on the haters and hacks. Go after them. They deserve it, and it will win votes.

    3. I agree. When Maddow questioned him about his stance on the Civil Rights Act, He folded like a cheap suit. Unlike his father, he can’t take the heat.

      1. Then whined like a little girl and never went to an adversarial interview again.

  3. You know who else wanted to run for President?

    1. You, but your wife said “no”?

      1. “Woman, you knew what I was when you brought me home.”

        I have little sympathy for the wives of politicians in the days of no-fault divorce.

        1. What about people who consider marriage to be something beyond a sate sponsored event and thus no-fault divorce isnt an option for them?

          1. I’m being a bit over the top. Rand did have a different career and probably different aspirations when they got married. But, I expect that if his wife is similar to him in perception and intelligence, she must have known that saying yes to a Senate run opened the door to a long slide.

  4. If Rocky had listened to Adrian, he never could have won the Cold War.

    Ignore the wet blanket, Rand. For America!

    1. You think Thomas Jefferson listened to his wife’s ghost when we needed him to serve as our ambassador to France?

  5. Does Rand have any kids? If you have kids and run for president, then you are a bad parent.

    1. Three sons, not sure of their ages.

      1. If they are at least older teenagers, they’ll probably be OK. I always feel awful for young children of high profile politicians.

        1. You have not seen the attractive glossy brochures for St. Alban’s.

    2. I think that’s only if you’re a Repub. When Dems do it, it’s an homage to family values and work-life balance.

  6. Rand Paul Says He is “Seriously Thinking About” Running For President Trying to Be the Republican Who Gets Crushed by Hillary

    Sorry guys. It’s early, but I can’t see Hillary losing if she decides to run.

    1. you may be over-stating Hillary love. She’s not Bill. It’s one reason why Dems went with a blank slate over her, that and the left always chooses race over gender between competing constituencies. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Uncle Joe asking whatever happened re: that 3 am phone call when Benghazi went to shit.

      1. I predict she’ll do almost as well as she did in 2008.

      2. Also underestimating Hillary hate. The people who love her would vote for any democrat no matter what. The people who hate her are far more diverse.

    2. I don’t see her winning. Likely not even the nomination but definitely not the general.

    3. Hillary couldn’t beat Obama.

      Warty could have beat Obama.

    4. Yeah, Hillary’s only chance of winning a general election is if she is running against a hardcore SoCon (like Santorum), someone who is hated and feared as much as she is (like Gingrich), or a political lightweight who just sounds incompetent (like Romney).

      Her problem is as much as she is revered as a god by sectors of the Democratic party she is disliked by almost as large a part of it and she is HATED by the Republican rank and file

    5. Until the opposition runs her 2008 primary phone commercial mashed up with Benghazi headlines and her congressional testimony.

  7. The important thing is that Almanian is considering running [again]. 2012 gained Almanian approximately 100 votes – mostly from friends and psychiatric patients who forgot to take their meds.

    Thus encouraged – Almanian is considering another run

    Please note: Almanian refers to himself in the third person when speaking about The Presidency, kind of like Remus in “Boardwalk Empire” does all the time.

    Almanian will get back to you on this.

    1. Does he have a newsletter that I may subscribe to?

    2. Is there a way for us to further encourage Almanian through financialmeans? Possibly buying seats at dinners, or just sending gobs of cash anonymously through paypal?

  8. Paul, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, said politics had become “uncivil” and that sometimes “you have a good week” and other times “the haters and the hacks go after you.”

    The media and the partisan hacks of all stripes have created a political environment that pretty much guarantees that good people will never run for president, so all we’ll ever get from now on are venal, mendacious, sociopathic hacks. Congratulations.

  9. I am almost as shocked at this news as I am at the fact that Feeney didn’t use alt-text.

  10. Has anybody else thought that Rand Paul’s wife looks like an older version of Scarlet Johanson?

  11. Only When a leash is put on the legacy press can candidates such as Rand Paul have some reasonable semblance of a chance to run on the issues. The legacy press made sure to protect Chelsea and the 0bama kids. They would take a less then comparable perspective on a Rand Paul. The guy who won the last election wrote a book about eating dog and was ignored, the other took a family trip with the dog in a kennel on the roof of the car, and the dog arrived alive! Somehow THAT was an affront to the lapdog media.

    On the other hand, the American public is so pitifully dumbed down and tamed, they are not sure how to react until the bell is rung.

    1. What sort of leash would you like to put on the press, freedom lover?

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