The NYPD Will Tell You Which Crimes to Worry Your Pretty Little Heads About


This is retalation for the media exposing the "Stop and Kiss" program. I just know it.

The New York Police Department keeps on giving the middle finger to the community it allegedly serves. It's latest war against oversight is a doozy. It's cutting off open access to local station crime reports. Via DNAinfo New York:

The NYPD has ordered the city's 77 police precincts to stop giving out any information to the media about crimes taking place in their neighborhoods, cutting off a long-standing source of information for New Yorkers.

According to a terse NYPD edict transmitted citywide, precinct commanders were instructed: "Any requests by media to view complaint reports be referred to the office of the Deputy Commissioner For Public Information."

The NYPD's public information office, known as DCPI, typically disemminates only select major crimes such as murders, sexual assaults and grand larcenies, but often does not include lower level neighborhood crimes. Those complaints could traditionally be found at the precinct, a reliable source for information of interest for residents.

According to sources, the latest media restriction was sent last week to the precinct supervisors from their borough commanders, who received the transmission from the NYPD's Chief of Patrol James Hall.

So to get access to info about a crime in New York City – any crime in New York City (population 8.3 million) – a person has to call their public affairs office. And beyond that, it means media folks might not even know a crime happened unless the police tell them or a witness or victim contacts the media.

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  1. And yet the MSM still kisses cop ass.

  2. Minus 20 and dropping.

    Fuck, it’s butt-ass cold. Had a high of minus 13 today. Supposed to be minus 30 tonight.

    1. Heh. The local news here is focused on a recent cold snap, which means we’ll be getting a high of 63 and a low of 39.

      1. Damn, that sucks.

        Gonna warm up to 10 on Sunday…can’t wait!

      2. Monday is going to be bad. In the 20’s, allegedly. What am I supposed to do? Pile manure around the baseboards?

        I can’t wait for Hawaii. T- 1 week.

        1. Let the cow sleep in the house with you and the children?

          1. Too late. I’m slow braising the cow in pinot noir and garlic right now.

    2. Where are you at?

      In Kansas City its 16. Much colder than usual.

        1. ^^ probably the most libertarian location ever. Cheers to your negative 30, it will be 32/25 down here in Tx tomorrow.

      1. Global warming. Oh, cold, right. Climate change…

    3. Oh, I feel for ya brother. 1840 here in Yuma and its already down to 60. Might need to put my shoes back on.

    4. “Fuck, it’s butt-ass cold.”
      I think the expression is ‘colder than a well digger’s ass’ or ‘a witch’s tit’.

      I saw the reports earlier and thought about you. Wow, that is really cold. The news reported with the wind chill it is -46? How is that even possible?

      It is 30 here tonight and wet as hell, it is miserable out. I have a nice fire going and it is cozy inside. I cant imagine the kind of cold you have there.

      1. Colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra.

        But it’s a dry cold.

  3. “This is just another sign of the current NYPD’s hostility to public accountability,” said Christopher Dunn, associate legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

    Au contraire, Chris. The NYPD is protecting you by stopping potential terrorists from getting their hands on useful information.

  4. The arrogance of the NYPD is breathtaking, but unsurprising. They’re an army (35,000 officers) who also functions as the biggest gang in one of the biggest and most influential cities in the world. Essentially, who is going to make them do anything? Who can?

    1. Seriously? They’re an army of Barney Fifes…If New York is going to be disarmed that’s where they should start. Those morons couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a scope.

    1. From the comments:

      AFV:“Please be our guest. The problem with your party is there are no thinkers. You embrace stupidity. Your politics are bereft of ideas and your leaders are dumb. The result is a populous of small minded fools who think abortion, Mexicans and gays are the root of all problems. With exasperation in your own silliness you suggest that one or the other seceed. Liberal states would be shiny beacons of democracy. Red states would be bible thumping wastelands of wife beaters in pick-up trucks commuting to and from Walmart.”

      He’s a witty stick-in-the-mud, what?

      1. “Liberal states would be shiny beacons of democracy.”

        I love this. No matter how many USSRs, Venezuelas, or Detroits there are as examples of the ends of leftist policies, they still believe. His/Her belief in leftist policies is a matter of faith exactly like the bible thumpers he/she despises.

  5. A beloved elderly relative of mine has a beautiful house in New York City. If I were the one to acquire the asset, which I’m not, I might have a hard time not burning the fucker just to spite that miserable city. It is really too nice of a place to be there any more. I do think it is where they had that libertarian alderman, but whatever.

  6. NYC, Detroit, or LA- which is the biggest shithole?

    1. Most people who live in LA don’t actually live in LA. There are only 3.7 mil people who actually live in city limits. I live here, for example:

    2. That’s easy – the one that has lost 60% of its peak population.

  7. Lets start a meme: GPANYP

    What better evidence that: Government purposes are not your purposes.

  8. This information is secret because?

    I’m not a fan of their law enforcement practices, but the UK has online all crime incidents down to petty disturbances of the peace on an easy to use map.

    The only reason to hide this information is if you know you’re doing a lousy job at doing your real job instead of shaking down the populace.

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