Californians Find Health Insurance Outside of Exchange

You can buy a plan at Costco


Some Californians whose policies have been canceled are finding relief in a surprising place: from insurance companies that aren't offering plans on the new Covered California marketplace.

Earlier this year, Aetna announced it would bow out of the state's individual market, effective Dec. 31. Cigna is staying, but isn't offering any products on the exchange. Right now, both companies are accepting new customers into pre-Affordable Care Act plans.

Aetna plans are available to Costco members only until Dec. 15. Cigna is offering pre-ACA plans through Dec. 23.

Anne Gonzales, a Covered California spokeswoman, confirmed that a carrier not offering plans on Covered California "could offer a noncompliant plan through 12/31/2013 but it would need to become compliant when it renews next year."