Canada to Cop: It's OK to Smoke Pot, Just Not In Uniform

If only all our drug debates were like this one.


As marijuana grows more socially and legally acceptable, the political issues around it evolve:

Dude, I'm so high right now.

Cpl Ronald Francis, an officer with more than 20 years' service in the eastern province of New Brunswick, has a medical prescription that allows him to take up to 3g of the drug daily to treat symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, Canadian broadcaster CBC reports. While senior officers have said that his marijuana use is fine under Canadian medical and human rights laws, they have drawn the line over smoking in public while wearing the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police]'s famous red serge uniform. Assistant commissioner Gilles Moreau told CBC that "it would not portray the right message to the general public, it's definitely not something we would support or condone."

If only all our drug debates were like this one.

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  3. From the original article:

    Francis said he experienced stress on the job early in his career, while serving the First Nation in Davis Inlet and in his own community of Kingsclear First Nation. He began to seek treatment for mental distress eight years ago.

    At first, his doctors prescribed anti-depressants, but he did not feel any significant improvement.

    “I started to self-medicate with alcohol. And I said no, this is not me. Why am I doing this? And I was going through treatment for PTSD at the time, and the RCMP did provide treatment, and I thank the RCMP for that.”

    So he contracted “PTSD” from his job being a Canadian Mountie? Perhaps he could’ve just, you know, quit his job. Sort of an insult to people who actually suffer PTSD from horrific war experiences or having spent the night with Nancy Pelosi.

    1. the night with Nancy Pelosi

      I don’t think permanent catatonia is technically PTSD.

      1. I was forced to watch Obama’s speech yesterday on MSNBC. I’m going to apply for disability today.

      2. Her husband has apparently managed to whore himself out to her in exchange for insider trading tips.

      3. More like permanent ED.

    2. He was diagnosed with PTSD, you know. He “actually” suffers from it. He doesn’t need your approval. Dick.

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        1. Yes, it is a joke. No, it is not funny.

    3. I had dinner with my buddy last night who is a manager at a local hospital (Ontario, Canada) of the nurses in his unit. He told me he is having trouble hiring the staff he needs because he can’t get permission to hire them as anything but temporary. So no one wants the job. Why can’t he get permission? Because they have so many people on extended sick leave who can’t be fired or positions replaced by permanent staff.

      Single payers bureaucracy at work.

      1. I had a friend who is an audiologist. He relocated to get a job at a state hospital, but after a year it just turned out to be a temp job for a woman who was on maternity leave. The hospital had to lie to get someone for the job, and would’ve preferred to keep my friend for the job, but her job was guaranteed by law.

        1. Ah, the joy of emulating European maternity leave, nu?

          1. Actually this was in the US. UNM Hospital. I think the maternity leave was mandated by the state.

        2. He actually relocated based on a lie? That really sucks.

          1. Yup.

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