Feds Say 29,000 Signed Up on Obamacare site Sunday and Monday

More than all of October


About 29,00 people signed up for health insurance through the troubled HealthCare.gov website on Sunday and Monday, a number that is higher than the site's first month of operation in October, sources familiar with the numbers said on Wednesday.

In October, only about 26,000 signed up through the glitch-prone website, and intensive efforts are being conducted to work out the problems with HealthCare.gov.

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  1. “Signed up”?
    I don’t think that means what it proposes to mean.

  2. Even if 29,000 people actually enrolled over those two days, that still projects out to 435,000 for the month. For perspective, October was conservatively projected (hoped) to have 500,000 enrollees before people realized that the website was crap.

    So getting 29,000 right after Thanksgiving, on the days that were nationally publicized as the days that the website would finally be working, is neither very impressive, nor sufficient to get to the 7 million they need by April.

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